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text message lead generation
SMS Marketing

Text Message Lead Generation: Basic Things You Need to Know

Text message lead generation allows businesses to capture mobile numbers and names using texting. It’s a process that consists in attracting consumers, nurturing them to grow their engagement with your brand and eventually become clients. Text lead generation can encompass other strategies; like social media or email marketing. So for...
text messaging for schools
SMS Marketing

How Text Messaging for Schools Can Help With Bullying

Bullying is one of the most serious challenges schools face nowadays. Just because there’s more awareness and less tolerance about it, it’s far from stopping. Text messaging for schools can be a very valuable tool to promote activities to reduce this problem, and even help victims receive help before it...
b2b sms marketing
SMS Marketing

Which B2Bs Use SMS Marketing?

When we talk about B2B SMS marketing, we specifically refer to those companies that follow the business-to-business model and use text messaging in their overall marketing strategy. SMS marketing has a special positive impact on B2Bs because of texting’s unique capabilities at the moment of establishing and sustaining relationships in...
text messaging for nonprofits
SMS Marketing

5 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Nonprofits

Text messaging for nonprofits is a great tool for organizers and fundraisers to cut through the noise and stay in touch with supporters in a compelling, effective way. With text messaging, you can keep donors and volunteers updated on your organization’s activities. It’s also a very good channel to engage...
sms compliance

A Beginner’s Guide to SMS Compliance

Do yourself a favor - take the time to read up about our SMS compliance and rules in order to avoid making a crucial mistake later on that will cost you a lot of time, reputation, and money. In order to help you easily understand compliance rules and common SMS regulations, we...
Text Message Survey
SMS Marketing

How to Send a Text Message Survey

A text message survey is a type of text message campaign that allows you to ask multiple questions and gather useful information from your audience. Text surveys allow you to capture data through your subscribers’ text responses. You can also do that by sharing a link to the survey software...
text messaging for hotels

7 Ways SMS Improves The Hotel Guest Experience [Infographic]

Every new year marks the beginning of exciting adventures to come for many travelers. Make your hotel the go-to travel destination for all their hospitality needs by harnessing the power of text messaging for hotels. Improve your room service, guest communication, and employee communication by utilizing the fastest and most immediate...
sms short code
SMS Marketing

SMS Short Code: Definition and How it Helps Your Strategy

An SMS short code is a combination of numbers (usually 5 to 6 - shorter than a regular phone number) that are especially used for SMS marketing campaigns. These codes are usually embedded into promotional material like TV ads, printed media, social media posts, billboards, and practically anywhere depending on...
how do companies send mass text messages
SMS Marketing

How Do Companies Send Mass Text Messages? (2023 Update)

A mass texting service is a type of software or platform that allows businesses to send promotional text messages to a massive number of subscribers at the same time. With mass texting, you can consistently broadcast a message to customers, employees, or prospects no matter how large those contact lists...
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