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sms short code
SMS Marketing

SMS Short Code: Definition and How it Helps Your Strategy

An SMS short code is a combination of numbers (usually 5 to 6 - shorter than a regular phone number) that are especially used for SMS marketing campaigns. These codes are usually embedded into promotional material like TV ads, printed media, social media posts, billboards, and practically anywhere depending on...
text message appointment reminders
SMS Marketing

Are Text Message Appointment Reminders HIPAA Compliant?

If you’re the owner or work at a medical office, text message appointment reminders are probably an invaluable tool for your practice. If you’re wondering if these text reminders comply with the Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the answer is yes. However, there are certain steps you need to take...
how do companies send mass text messages
SMS Marketing

How Do Companies Send Mass Text Messages? (2023 Update)

A mass texting service is a type of software or platform that allows businesses to send promotional text messages to a massive number of subscribers at the same time. With mass texting, you can consistently broadcast a message to customers, employees, or prospects no matter how large those contact lists...
sms for schools
SMS Marketing

How SMS for Schools Can Benefit Parents, Students, and Staff

SMS for schools is a communication method with multiple benefits for parents, students, teachers, and even staff members. Why is that? Mainly because text messaging has a 98% open rate; which makes them much more difficult to miss than emails or phone calls. But there are many other factors that...
text messaging for sales
SMS Marketing

How to Close Deals Better Using Text Messaging for Sales

In business, the faster you respond to a hot lead the higher chance you will close it. Text messaging for sales is a great tool to achieve that. And that’s mainly because it provides a level of convenience like no other lead generation medium; for both users and businesses as...
text messages sms examples for real estate marketing
SMS Marketing

10 Text Messaging Examples for Real Estate Marketing

Text messaging for real estate is helping many realtors around the US sell more and get better leads. How? Let’s look at some statistics: Text messaging offers an outstanding 98% open rate; higher than any other lead generation channel.90% of text messages are read within three minutes of being received.60%...
sms recruitment
SMS Marketing

How to Overcome Recruitment Challenges with SMS Messaging

The global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to recruit new workforce. Luckily, SMS recruitment is an amazing tool to successfully overcome those challenges. In this article, we’ll go over the most common problems recruiters are facing nowadays, and how text messaging can help. If you’re already familiar with SMS marketing...
text messaging for marketing agencies
SMS Marketing

How Effective is Text Messaging For Marketing Agencies?

Text messaging for marketing agencies brings multiple opportunities not only because of the nature of text messaging as a lead generation channel but also because of its originality. Only 25% of businesses around the USA use this effective tool. If you run a marketing agency, you have the chance to...
text marketing for car dealerships
SMS Marketing

3 Text Marketing Automated Workflows for Car Dealerships

Automated workflows can take text marketing for car dealerships to the next level. In this article, we’ll explore three workflows that were specifically built to automate text messages for car dealers. These workflows are included as templates on Workbench, a sophisticated automated workflow builder powered by Trumpia.  You can access...
text blast
SMS Marketing

Text Blast Vs. Mass Texting: What’s the Difference?

Text blasting is a type of mass texting. The main difference is that text blasts imply impersonal messages that are usually sent to all of your contacts lists. With mass texting, on the other hand, you send one single message to specific lists. Mass texting messages are more personalized and...
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