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Which B2Bs Use SMS Marketing?

b2b sms marketing

When we talk about B2B SMS marketing, we specifically refer to those companies that follow the business-to-business model and use text messaging in their overall marketing strategy. SMS marketing has a special positive impact on B2Bs because of texting’s unique capabilities at the moment of establishing and sustaining relationships in time. Text messaging is an effective, affordable, and almost effortless way to streamline communications between businesses.

With SMS marketing, B2Bs can:

  • Reach out to other B2B buyers who opted-in to receive SMS messages.
  • Send timely, relevant information like limited-time offers, appointment reminders, new product announcements, and more.
  • Generate a sense of emergency and encourage subscribers to take a desired action.
  • Increase customer loyalty and engagement with acknowledgements like birthday greetings, ‘thank you’ messages, and other personalized texts.
  • Share links to drive traffic to websites or blogs.
  • Track links CTRs to refine their strategies.
  • Send surveys or polls to grow your SMS marketing lists and get valuable feedback from subscribers.
  • Stay relevant by sending periodic news with topics of interest.

Trumpia’s automated texting software is the platform of choice for many B2Bs nowadays; from accounting and billing companies to HR recruitment agencies. You can explore all the industries that use our software by visiting our Use Cases page. And if you want to know more about Trumpia, please call or text 1-888-707-3030.

Companies That Commonly Use B2B SMS Marketing 

In this article, we’ll explore which are the B2Bs that use SMS marketing the most, and how they do that. It’s worth mentioning, however, that  the effectiveness and relevance of SMS marketing varies depending on the target audience and the nature of every business. This is a general approach to be used mostly as a reference.

Software as a Service (SaaS) Companies 

SaaS is a popular model in which a company provides the use of a software through a monthly or yearly subscription. We know that very well because that’s what Trumpia is. We are a B2B ourselves!. And that’s why we can tell you first-hand why and how text messaging benefits B2B companies.

SaaS providers in particular usually implement SMS marketing to engage with their existing customers; inform them about product updates, offer training sessions, or provide customer support.

Business Consultancies

By ‘consultancies’ we particularly mean those companies offering services like marketing, finance, HR, or IT consulting. These companies commonly use SMS marketing to communicate with their clients, share valuable insights, and send text appointment reminders.

Event Management

In this point we’re specifically talking about event management businesses that organize conventions, expos, and similar events that engage other businesses. In these organizations, they use SMS marketing to promote upcoming conferences, seminars, trade shows, or webinars; send RSVPs through text, reminders, updates, and registration details to their attendees.


B2B online platforms leverage SMS marketing to inform their customers about order confirmations, shipping notifications, orders’ tracking, as well as more promotional-oriented text messages like new product arrivals, exclusive offers, and customer feedback requests.

Business Service Providers

These are companies that offer services like accounting, legal, logistics, or advertising to other businesses; not individuals. They use SMS marketing to keep regular communications with their clients; share industry news, and send reminders about important deadlines or meetings.

Financial Institutions

Banks, credit unions, and financial institutions mostly use SMS marketing to notify business customers about account balances; send transaction alerts, payment due reminders, or security notifications.

Wholesale and Distribution Companies

Businesses that operate in the wholesale or distribution sector use SMS marketing to inform retailers about new inventory availability, pricing updates, or promotional offers.

Technology Providers 

These are specifically companies that offer technology solutions such as cloud services, cybersecurity, data analytics, or communication tools. They mostly use SMS marketing to provide technical updates, deliver important notifications, or engage with new business clients. 

Professional Training and Education Providers

Training organizations, online learning platforms, and educational institutions use text marketing to inform businesses about upcoming training programs, course registrations, or certification opportunities.

HR and Recruitment Agencies

HR departments and recruitment agencies employ SMS marketing to communicate with job seekers, share job alerts, schedule interviews, or provide application status updates.

How SMS Marketing works for B2Bs

After reading this list it may happen that you wonder how these B2Bs can send those text messages; especially considering that in many cases they have to do it in a massive proportion. There are two answers that go hand-in-hand to answer that question: mass texting, and SMS automation.

Mass Texting

This is a marketing strategy in which a company sends thousands of text messages to subscriber lists at once. Due to the amount of messages that you’re sending, a mass texting software is required to do it in an effective, error-free way. When you use Trumpia as your mass texting software, this process is as easy as 3-steps:

  1. Set a text keyword for subscribers to opt-in your list. You can also create online sign-up pages. By doing this, subscribers are giving you consent to send them text messages for marketing purposes.
  2. Once you obtained expressed written consent from customers, import their contact information into your mass texting software.
  3. Compose your message, schedule it, and send. 

After a mass text message is sent, you can view statistics and monitor your campaigns performance. This information is very useful to refine your strategies and future SMS marketing campaigns. To know more on how to compose and send a text message for a mass campaign using Trumpia, watch this tutorial video:

Text Message Automation

Text message automation is the process of sending text messages to contact lists automatically; without you having to manually send them. Messages can be composed once and set as templates. Then, these messages are added to a workflow that determines specific actions like when they should be sent; what other messages should be triggered after specific actions from subscribers, and of course, when to stop sending.

Trumpia’s text message automation stands out from competitors’ because it covers all levels of automation: basic, intermediate, and advanced. Our automated text message workflow builder is called Workbench, and includes not only drag-and-drop functionalities but also workflow templates that specifically cater industries like some of the B2Bs listed in this article.

Learn more about Workbench in this video:

Ready to Start Using B2B SMS Marketing?

If your company is a B2B and you want to start implementing SMS marketing in your strategy; or if you’re already familiar with it but want to take it to the next level, choose Trumpia. Start a 14-day FREE trial to test our automated texting software for yourself and see why our product is a leader in the SMS marketing industry. For more information, call or text 1-888-707-3030.