Text Marketing for Restaurants

A Quick-Fire Guide to Text Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants and smartphones really aren’t supposed to go together. After all, few patrons want to hear other people’s phone conversations while they’re enjoying a meal out, and one’s dining companions would appreciate your full attention, rather than you constantly being distracted with texting, news headlines or social media. However, in the...
how to send mms text messages

A Guide on How to Send MMS Text Messages

Sending a picture, video, or even a GIF is one creative and dynamic way of making your SMS texts more fun and exciting. And when you choose to send MMS marketing messages rather than just texts, that makes your conversations more engaging. In this guide, you'll learn the basics on how to send MMS text...
sms compliance

A Beginner’s Guide to SMS Compliance

Do yourself a favor - take the time to read up about our SMS compliance and rules in order to avoid making a crucial mistake later on that will cost you a lot of time, reputation, and money. In order to help you easily understand compliance rules and common SMS regulations, we...
SMS Marketing ROI

The Beginner’s Guide to Measuring SMS Marketing ROI

Measuring SMS marketing ROI is critical. You can boil your campaign down to the numbers it generates to examine what and how well it is working. You can dig into the details of your plan and learn what needs to be tweaked or expanded to increase your success. The tips we're...
sms marketing guide

The Ultimate SMS Marketing Guide

The Ultimate SMS Marketing Guide provides everything you need to know about using text messaging for marketing. PDF version available to download for FREE!
text messaging for customer service

What is Text Messaging for Customer Service? A Quick Guide

Text messaging for customer service is any kind of customer service communications sent via text messaging. With customer service SMS messaging, support teams can send updates, share important communication, resolve issues and queries, conduct surveys, promote reward programs, just to name a few common tasks. Texting is excellent to scale,...
SMS Marketing List

The Ultimate Guide to Segmenting Your SMS Marketing List

In order to make the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, you need to know how to segment your database of customers and prospects. No customer wants to get irrelevant messages on their phone, no matter how text-happy they are. Eventually, your audience will opt-out of your list if you...
text message marketing for restaurants

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants: A Complete Guide

Millions of restaurants around the world compete for the same customers, and only the restaurants with the most effective marketing will come out on top. Cooking great food may seem tough, but getting people in the door is actually the hardest part. The best way to market a restaurant and...
text messaging for employee communication

Text Messaging for HR Communication: The Definitive Guide

Any well-functioning human resource department will tell you that communication is the backbone of their organization. From recruiting and training new employees to managing open enrollment, being able to properly communicate with employees allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Text messaging for HR is an emerging trend that...