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Trumpia Updates

Trumpia’s SMS Marketing Software Advantages in 2024

When it comes to finding the best SMS marketing software, finding a platform that is both powerful and easy to use is a major challenge. How can you get all the basic features any texting software should have (text keywords, mass texting, surveys, auto-responders, etc.) but also access advanced capabilities...
Trumpia Updates

Trumpia Now Integrates With Salesforce

Trumpia has teamed up with Salesforce, a leading cloud-based CRM platform! Now, whenever a contact subscribes for your messaging through either a mobile keyword or an online sign-up page you created with Trumpia, they can also automatically be added as a lead in Salesforce’s platform.You can now send photos and videos...
salesforce sms integration
Trumpia Updates

Trumpia Connect: See how Texting & Salesforce Increase Sales

Maximizing sales is an essential, but tricky endeavor for sales teams to accomplish. Conventional methods of sales communication, such as email or phone calls, often result in leads being left in the sales funnel for too long, which depletes their chances of converting. Enable sales reps to quickly follow up...
trumpia 3.0
Trumpia Updates

What’s New with Trumpia!

Trumpia is excited to announce the release of our new version, Trumpia 3.0, which is available now. It offers the choice between two different user interfaces - the original UI and a newly updated version that comes with a number of enhancements detailed below. How to Switch to the New...
Trumpia Updates

Trumpia is Excited to Announce our New Partner Program!

A2P texting is a nearly $100 billion market, and we’re looking for partners to team up and win a larger slice of that continuously growing pie. We’re confident our technology, pricing, and services exceed what our competition can offer and deliver strong ROI. When you become a Trumpia partner, you’ll...