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Strategic Scheduling for Mass Text Messaging Campaigns

Mass text messaging campaigns are an effective and strategic way to connect with your audience. The tool is highly effective for several reasons. It maximizes your reach, fosters engagement, and is highly efficient for busy businesses. Mass text messaging campaigns can be highly effective, especially if you understand your target...
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How to Maximize SMS Survey Responses

With the vast amount of short-form content, attention spans are shorter than ever. For businesses, this can be a real challenge. Capturing a new customer and retaining your current ones requires a lot of work. One of the most effective ways to retain your current customers and capture new ones...
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How Text Appointment Reminders Improve Revenue

With everyone on their cell phones so frequently, it makes sense that businesses use texts to communicate with consumers. This includes businesses and organizations of all kinds. From hair salons to medical offices, getting in touch with people can be much easier over text. Appointment reminders are a common way...
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Why Automation Is Crucial for Message Marketing

In a time where everyone is on their phone all of the time, the field of marketing has adapted. This is necessary to capture your audience. Whether it is for business or a movement, message marketing is a key tool for companies and organizations. It allows them to engage and...
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SMS Marketing

Top 7 SMS Marketing Best Practices

SMS marketing may look like a straightforward content strategy that can help you reach thousands of brand followers at once. And with the right tools and expertise, it can be. However, it takes some time and practice to understand exactly how your SMS channel can be best prioritized in order to...
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SMS Marketing

Top 5 Ways to Increase SMS Response Rate

Any business looking to break ground in the digital world will likely have some sort of messaging campaign in place. Whether through email, text, or online advertisements, constant interaction with a targeted consumer audience is the best way for a brand to become more well-known. Below, we explore the top 5...