7 Ways SMS Improves The Hotel Guest Experience [Infographic]

text messaging for hotels

Every new year marks the beginning of exciting adventures to come for many travelers. Make your hotel the go-to travel destination for all their hospitality needs by harnessing the power of text messaging for hotels.

Improve your room service, guest communication, and employee communication by utilizing the fastest and most immediate method of communicating. Let’s dive deeper into seven different ways SMS can improve the hotel guest experience:

text messaging for hotels

5 Bonus Tips for a Winner Text Messaging for Hotels:

1. Use Keywords To Attract New Members

text keyword can make all the difference when you are trying to get more guests to book hotel getaways. Simply advertise a keyword, such as “NIGHTOUT”, on the hotel website or various advertisements, and share that guests will receive special offers and valuable information through convenient group texts once opted-in.

Posting keywords on social media can also attract vast amounts of guests to your hotels. You’ll be able to create lasting relationships to keep guests coming back, as SMS campaigns have less than a 5% opt-out rate.

2. Convince Members You Deliver The Best Stay Through SMS Offers

Paint of picture of your fabulous hotel and the facilities you provide through MMS and SMS offers. Share offers to your luxurious spa or gym facilities, or even give them a personal tour of your wineries and restaurants.

Guests will be waiting by their phone to get these special hotel deals, as 60% of people prefer to receive promotions and notifications in general through text. In the end, it’s all about turning travelers into guests, and sending text offers is the best way to fill your rooms, as texting has been shown to increase conversions of potential customers by up to 40%!

3. Personalize Your Guest’s Experience with Two-Way Texting

Give guests the ultimate stay through interactive two-way text messaging. Texting can dramatically improve the hotel customer service you provide by allowing you to establish personalized communication. Allow guests to send a text to request room service, directions, or report suspicious activity.

4. Let Guests Leave On a Good Note!

Leave a memorable impression on your guests that will keep them coming back by sending text messages for a painless checkout and to answer any last minute questions. Most people nowadays enjoy having this parting conversation through text, with 73% of people wishing they could have a text conversation with a business.

5. Provide an SMS Loyalty Program To Guarantee A Return Visit

It’s never a good idea to leave a return visit to chance. Make sure all of your guests make a return stay at your hotel by providing them with an SMS loyalty program. Give guests periodic text offers and deals to make them feel like they’ve been a valued customer for years. Practically everyone finds an SMS loyalty program worthwhile. In fact, 90% of users who enroll in SMS loyalty programs feel they gained value from it.

These tips and many other ways to enhance text messaging for hotels can be properly put into practice if you have the right texting software. Trumpia offers the most complete platform to go from basic actions to complex automated workflows; all with intuitive, easy to use drag-and-drop interphase.

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