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SMS long code vs short code
SMS Marketing

SMS Long Code vs Short Code: a 2024 Update

In 2024, SMS marketing still remains one of the most powerful tools for all types of businesses. With open rates exceeding 98%, it allows businesses to connect with customers directly on their phones, a prime piece of real estate. But within the world of SMS, a crucial decision arises: SMS...
what is mms messaging
SMS Marketing

What is MMS Messaging? Definition and Useful Tips

What is MMS messaging? MMS stands for Multimedia Messaging Service. It allows you to add multimedia content to your SMS marketing messages: images, videos, animated GIFs, or audio files. Emojis and website links can also be considered part of MMS messaging. Enriching your text messages with MMS can bring multiple...
SMS marketing for grocery stores
SMS Marketing

How to Use SMS Marketing for Grocery Stores

SMS marketing for grocery stores is an excellent way to let users know about your business and the reasons why they should shop at it. When it comes to grocery stores, customers usually have many options to buy from. And at the same time, you’re competing with both online and...
text messaging for schools
SMS Marketing

How Text Messaging for Schools Can Help With Bullying

Bullying is one of the most serious challenges schools face nowadays. Just because there’s more awareness and less tolerance about it, it’s far from stopping. Text messaging for schools can be a very valuable tool to promote activities to reduce this problem, and even help victims receive help before it...
text messaging for nonprofits
SMS Marketing

5 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Nonprofits

Text messaging for nonprofits is a great tool for organizers and fundraisers to cut through the noise and stay in touch with supporters in a compelling, effective way. With text messaging, you can keep donors and volunteers updated on your organization’s activities. It’s also a very good channel to engage...
sms for human resources
SMS Marketing

10 Ways to Use SMS for Human Resources

Do you remember when texting at work was practically forbidden? Times change and so do people’s habits and the way they communicate. SMS for human resources is an invaluable tool for both internal and external communications. Its 98% open rate is unbeatable compared to emails or phone calls.  Texting can...
text messaging for hotels

7 Ways SMS Improves The Hotel Guest Experience [Infographic]

Every new year marks the beginning of exciting adventures to come for many travelers. Make your hotel the go-to travel destination for all their hospitality needs by harnessing the power of text messaging for hotels. Improve your room service, guest communication, and employee communication by utilizing the fastest and most immediate...
Text Messaging for Sales
SMS Marketing

How to Use Text Messaging for Sales in Each Funnel Stage

Text messaging for sales can be a powerful tool for any company because SMS messages are one of the most welcome ways to market to customers. That’s because it’s possible to lead users into conversions in every stage of the sales funnel without being overly pushy. In this article, we’ll...
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