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How to Text a GIF – a 2023 Update

how to text a gif

One of the great things about texting is the capability of communicating beyond words. Animated GIFs are a great way to express emotions and enhance your text messages. In this article, we’ll share updated information on how to text a GIF on iOS and Android, and explore some of the advantages of using such an increasingly popular format.

How to Text a GIF on iOS and Android in 2023

How Do I Text a GIF on iPhone?

You can add animated GIFs to text messages using the default keyboard feature. These are the steps to send GIFS on the iMessage app:

  • Open your default messaging app.
  • Tap the icon with an A on the left side.
  • Search for the #images app (usually the first option).
  • Select #images and choose the GIF file you want to text.
how to text a gif

How do I Text a GIF on Android?

If you use Google keyboard by default, here are the steps to text a GIF using Android smartphones:

  • Open your default messaging app.
  • Tap on the smiley face emoji.
  • Tap the GIF button.
  • Look for the GIF file you want to share.
  • Tap on the GIF file to preview and send.
how to text a gif

Are GIFs Better Than Videos?

The main advantage of animated GIFs over videos is that they fulfill the same purpose but in a much more compressed way. So if the receiver is short of storage in his or her phone, it’ll be much easier to download a GIF than a much heavier video file.

On the other hand, when GIFs are used properly they can be much easier to understand and follow than a video. They’re also easier to digest and require no sound; like, for example, animated GIFs showing the steps to assemble a certain item. 

Texting GIFs for Marketing Purposes

If you need to text GIFs or any other audio-visual content in a more massive way and for marketing reasons, doing it manually can be extremely time consuming, difficult, and prone to human mistakes. In these cases, the most convenient thing to do is to use an MMS messaging software.

MMS is the acronym for ‘Multimedia Messaging Service’. This is a common term in the SMS marketing jargon because GIFs, photos, and even videos are commonly used on commercial text messaging. If you ever need to use MMS messaging, Trumpia has a very intuitive, easy to use User Interface. Check how to text a GIF, video, or any other images using Trumpia in this tutorial video: