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Text Messaging

How to Maximize SMS Survey Responses

With the vast amount of short-form content, attention spans are shorter than ever. For businesses, this can be a real challenge. Capturing a new customer and retaining your current ones requires a lot of work. One of the most effective ways to retain your current customers and capture new ones...
text messaging for events and conferences
SMS Marketing

How to Use Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

When people think about text messaging for events and conferences they usually think of how to implement it to improve attendance’s experience. That’s valid, and we will cover that in this article. But at the same time, text messaging can also have a positive impact within the organization of those...
Text Message Survey
SMS Marketing

How to Send a Text Message Survey

A text message survey is a type of text message campaign that allows you to ask multiple questions and gather useful information from your audience. Text surveys allow you to capture data through your subscribers’ text responses. You can also do that by sharing a link to the survey software...
Automated Text Messages
SMS Marketing

Examples of Automated Text Messages, and How to Use Them

Automated Text Messages are one of the best features in SMS marketing, as they help saving valuable time and effort. Here are some common examples of automated text messages and how you can use them in your strategy: Personalized Messages These types of messages are perfect welcoming or introductory messages...
text message marketing for restaurants

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants: A Complete Guide

Millions of restaurants around the world compete for the same customers, and only the restaurants with the most effective marketing will come out on top. Cooking great food may seem tough, but getting people in the door is actually the hardest part. The best way to market a restaurant and...
text messaging for employee communication

Text Messaging for HR Communication: The Definitive Guide

Any well-functioning human resource department will tell you that communication is the backbone of their organization. From recruiting and training new employees to managing open enrollment, being able to properly communicate with employees allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Text messaging for HR is an emerging trend that...