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How to Use Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

text messaging for events and conferences

When people think about text messaging for events and conferences they usually think of how to implement it to improve attendance’s experience. That’s valid, and we will cover that in this article. But at the same time, text messaging can also have a positive impact within the organization of those events and conferences. Keep on reading to get a full insight!

What Can You Do with Text Messaging for Events and Conferences?

Before you even start, you need to know that doing text messaging for events and conferences manually can be extremely time consuming and prone to human mistakes. You won’t get the best out of these efforts unless you employ a powerful texting software like Trumpia; whether it is to use text within your event organization or to cater attendants’ experience.

Mass texting is the main pillar of texting in events and conferences. This is like that because the main objective is to send massive numbers of texts to different distribution lists. That way prospects, attendees, and your team members can receive different alerts before, during, and even after the event. And you want to do that as easily, fast, and efficiently as you can.

Do you want to see how you can do that by using Trumpia? Watch this video and see how easy and fast it is! 

Using Text Messaging for Events and Conferences Organizers

Before the Event

You can ask speakers and other participants in the event to opt-in your text messaging campaign. Once they do that, you can text schedules for their presentations, which booth or room they’re scheduled to, and any other relevant information. That way, you save a lot of time and money in printing and distributing material. And at the same time, you reduce the possibility of no-shows or misunderstanding with presenters and similar contributors.

During the Event

You can schedule text appointment reminders to each delegate, presenter, or contributor and give them advice whenever their presentation, speech or activity is about to start. You can send multiple reminders at different times to targeted groups, and customize those reminders to each group of participants’ needs. 

And in case of re-scheduling, cancellation, or even change of venue, you can let them know about them immediately using text messaging.

After the Event 

As an organizer, you can improve your future events by knowing what went well (or not). Send an SMS survey to your participants or even your own team to request feedback. Polls and open-ended surveys are typically the most effective when it comes to events and conferences. You can also add links within the text messages to lead attendees to your website or any other review platform so they can contribute more in-depth with their reviews.

Using Text Messaging for Events and Conferences Attendees

Before the Event

You can encourage attendees to opt-in your event or conference distribution list by promoting text keywords on emails, social media posts, and any other relevant channel. Then, your prospective guests can receive texts with relevant information such as floorplans, booths distribution, address and other details of the venue, and much more. 

With Trumpia’s MMS messaging you can even add images or videos to those texts. And of course, you can send text appointment reminders prior to the date of the event.

Some other ways you can encourage attendance via text messaging are:

  • Enable check-in through smartphones.
  • Run promotions with special pricing, discounts, or any other benefit.
  • Offer VIP functions.
  • Use polls to know, for example, which activities interest them the most.
  • Provide specific instructions on the venue’s entrance, parking, and similar.
text messaging for events and conferences

During the Event

You can make sure guests stick to each activity’s schedule and any other extras (bar happy hour, merchandising booths, etc.) through text reminders. You can also notify them about any changes in the day’s schedule or send last-minute offers if you notice that attendance is flaking at some specific part of the event.

Trumpia software also features a text to screen tool that can make your audience actively participate in your event. During a conference, for example, attendees can text their thoughts and comments on a large-screen display. Text to screen can help keep guests engaged while you get valuable feedback in real time. This Trumpia feature is also good to run contests and make announcements during your event or conference.

After the Event

Just like with organizers, you can also collect valuable feedback from attendants through SMS surveys. In this case, these surveys are also a good opportunity for you to show appreciation by mixing up your survey with a ‘Thank you’ message; and kill two birds with one stone. After each participant sends their review, you can automate text messages with information of upcoming events or similar encouragements.

Use Trumpia to Take your Evens to The Next Level!

If you decide to try text messaging for events and conferences or if you’re already familiar with it, we have something special for you. Start a 14-day free trial and get the most complete, intelligent texting software in the industry. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in using text messaging for marketing purposes, you’ll find Trumpia is here to help.

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