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How to Maximize SMS Survey Responses

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With the vast amount of short-form content, attention spans are shorter than ever. For businesses, this can be a real challenge. Capturing a new customer and retaining your current ones requires a lot of work. One of the most effective ways to retain your current customers and capture new ones is through texting. It is one of the most effective mediums to connect with your target audience. This is because text messages have a read rate of 98%. Below, you will find helpful information on how to maximize SMS survey responses.

How to Maximize SMS Survey Responses

An SMS survey is a convenient and effective way to collect data with ease. It is sent via text, where users can click on a link that takes them to a survey. This is a user-friendly way to collect customer data as compared to alternative methods, such as web, in-person, or phone surveys.

The tech landscape has changed drastically in the last decade. In an ever-changing tech world, text messages have withstood the test of time. In fact, they are an effective way to connect with your target audience. Maximizing your SMS survey responses is critical. 

Clear Message: 

The success of an SMS survey depends on how fast and clear your message is. Get straight to the point in your message and make the instructions very easy. One of the key factors you should include is the importance of participation. Texts have a maximum limit of 160 characters, so keep it within that range. Otherwise, multiple texts are sent, which can deter recipients.

Timing Is Everything: 

Timing is just as important as the content of your SMS text message. Sending surveys early in the morning or late at night does not result in a great return rate. Consider your target audience and their potential schedule. Sending the survey at the right time increases the likelihood of a response.

Personalization Is Necessary: 

Gone are the days when you can spam everyone with the same exact message. Customizing text messages to include the recipient’s name is beneficial. Tailor the content of the message to the recipient’s previous preferences. This demonstrates your commitment and incentivizes a response. A personal touch is a good investment as it can make a substantial difference when it comes to response rates.

Mobile-Friendly Surveys: 

While it seems obvious, the SMS survey must be mobile-friendly. If the link fails to open, recipients have to type something in, or any other barrier, it can be detrimental to your response rate. If you want a high response rate, you have to make the process as easy as possible for the user.

Consider Survey Length: 

It’s important to respect your target audience’s time. This means that you should really keep your text message surveys short. A focused survey that is just a few questions can reap better results than a longer one that requires a lot of typing. If the survey is longer than a couple of questions, add a progress bar so the recipient knows how far they are.

Test Your Own Survey: 

Avoid the rookie mistake of sending out hundreds to thousands of texts without testing it out. In addition to testing the actual survey, continue to assess and optimize your survey. This includes factors such as timing, content, and incentives.

Texting Software: 

To use SMS text surveys, you need to utilize automated texting software. This can increase your response rate and ensure you meet your goals. Texting software is customizable and offers major benefits. This includes personalized texts based on subscriber data and responses. Businesses that use automated texting software report an increase in SMS survey response rates.