10 Ways to Use SMS for Human Resources

sms for human resources

Do you remember when texting at work was practically forbidden? Times change and so do people’s habits and the way they communicate. SMS for human resources is an invaluable tool for both internal and external communications. Its 98% open rate is unbeatable compared to emails or phone calls. 

Texting can avoid no-shows at interviews or appointments, among other common problems that can lead to massive losses of time and money. A 2020 survey of 400 companies by SHRM revealed that those companies had a yearly average loss of $62.4 million due to “inadequate communication to and between employees”.

Trumpia offers a robust texting software that includes all the capabilities you may need to streamline all your HR communications; from recruiting and training to employee communication and payroll just to name a few. Let’s go over how you can effectively incorporate SMS for human resources and get some of its multiple benefits!

Using SMS for Human Resources


Using text messaging for recruiting can help you notify, keep in touch, and move your candidates through the interview process. Not only can you notify good prospects about the date, time, and place for their interviews but also have text interviews, send links to reschedule appointments, among many other options.  

During the recruiting phase, it’s important to keep candidates as engaged as possible because they’re usually evaluating more than one possibility at a time. The same nature of text messaging can speed up a process that otherwise can become excessively long, tedious, and uncertain.


You can simplify this process with two-way texting. That way, new employees can easily ask any questions during the first days in an anonymous, safe way. SMS appointment reminders are also very useful in case new employees need to bring anything in particular; whether it is additional documentation, relevant certifications, etc.

Training Compliance

Many companies nowadays require employees to go through mandatory training. Text messaging is very helpful not only to remind those new members about those training sessions but also to make sure they voluntarily comply with them. You can also take records of who accepted and took those trainings and who didn’t.

Share Log-in Information

You can share important administrative information to your new employees via text messaging. One good example are log-ins for company software and databases. HR departments can text a one-time passcode to the new workers so they can login to a secure account. At the same time, you’re also making sure that the system is being accessed only by authorized team members.

sms for human resources

Scheduling Meetings

This applies to employees and team members of any level. Text messaging is excellent to reach out to people at their desk or workstation because they can get notified no matter how busy they are. You can segment contacts within different lists and send specific text messages to them depending on what department they work at, hierarchy within the company, or any other criteria.

Employee Schedules and Deadlines

SMS reminders are also effective to share weekly and/or monthly schedules. If the texting software you’re using has two-way-texting capabilities, employees can reply directly to those reminders to notify any conflicts or discrepancies. You can schedule those reminders to be sent at specific dates and times. Something similar happens with deadlines; whether they are for specific tasks or employee benefits like tax returns, allowances, and similar.

Internal Emergencies or Critical Situations

In an event of emergency the HR department needs to be able to communicate with employees effectively and fast, in order to safeguard their safety. Mass texting can reach out to all the people related to the company right away, with specific information about the hazard (where it is located, its nature, what measures to take, etc.). Texting can also confirm to those that are somehow aware of the situation that the event is not a drill.

Employee Surveys

Usually employee or job satisfaction surveys take from 20 to 30 minutes. You can beat that up by using SMS surveys. Text surveys allow team members to answer a preset number of questions, making the whole process of obtaining employee feedback much faster. You can set SMS surveys to be multiple choice or send questions with open answers.

Get some ideas on how to send a text message survey here!

Text Messaging for Payroll

You can use text messaging to verify and resolve any payroll queries faster than if you did it through a phone call or during a meeting. On the other hand, SMS messages are great to create a “paper trail”, as they are a good way to document conversations and create a reliable point of reference for both employees and HR professionals.

Motivational Messages

Boost morale by texting welcome messages to new employees, holiday greetings, announcements, shout-outs, employee anniversaries, and any other communications that aim to engage and motivate your team members. These messages are also a great way to transmit your company’s culture and values.

Trumpia: Your New Ally in Your HR Efforts

If you’re ready to choose a texting software to start implementing SMS for human resources, start a 14-day free trial with Trumpia and get the best out of one of the pioneer platforms in the SMS marketing industry. 

Our user interface is easy to use and intuitive, so you and your team members can adopt it in no time. It won’t be long for you to go from contact collection and mass texting to creating personalized interactions that will delight your company’s members on every level; from CEO to trainee!

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