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How to Overcome Recruitment Challenges with SMS Messaging

sms recruitment

The global pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to recruit new workforce. Luckily, SMS recruitment is an amazing tool to successfully overcome those challenges. In this article, we’ll go over the most common problems recruiters are facing nowadays, and how text messaging can help.

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sms recruitment

SMS Recruitment Solutions for Each Challenge

Problem #1: Attract Qualified Candidates – and Fast! 

One of the main challenges business owners and recruiters face is attracting and eventually hiring top talent, and doing it faster than other companies. Time is an important factor if we keep in mind that quality candidates usually consider more than one option. So the idea is not only to make an attractive offer but also accelerate the process once the candidate is contemplating it.

Solution: the very nature of text messaging can make the hiring process faster, if we think that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of being received. Unlike email or even voicemail, texting is much more difficult to get lost. However, it’s recommended to use text messages to notify short, concrete communications like an interview date and time or a hiring confirmation. 

If you need to communicate longer, more complex information you send a text message with a link to the information you want to share. Trumpia’s Compliant Link Shortener allows you to do that by generating a short link (which saves characters on your text message). That link is enhanced with click-through tracking, which allows you to know whether the candidate clicked the link or not and trigger automated messages depending on that.

Problem #2: Ghosting (on Both Sides)

This is a problem that affects recruiters and candidates equally. Not only because it leads to an unpleasant waste of time but also because it generates an unnecessary bad reputation that could easily be avoided. Thus, companies that have a lot to offer and prospects that are more than qualified to fill those positions miss each other for a mere miscommunication problem.

Solution: No-shows on interviews and other important steps of the hiring process can easily be fixed with text appointment reminders. You can set those reminders to send automatically 24 hours prior to the meeting and even add a text keyword to reply in case a cancellation or re-schedule is needed. Depending on the reply, a drip campaign can be triggered to either share a link to re-schedule or a text message survey to learn the reason for the cancellation (eg.: received another offer).

On the other hand, you can automatically send a text message to those candidates that were not chosen and encourage them to follow your company and stay put for upcoming openings. That automated text message can be triggered after a certain amount of time or by a condition you can pre-set. If you use Trumpia’s Workbench, those conditions can be easily set through drag-and-drop UI and built-in applets.

Problem #3: The Skills Gap    

According to Bamboo HR, a skill gap is “the disparity between the skills an employer expects their employees to have and the actual skills employees possess”. That disparity brings a double problem: companies can’t find qualified candidates; and potentially qualified workers lament that those companies’ requirements are too narrow or specific. Reaching out to non-traditional hiring sources may bring a solution to this.

Solution: Trumpia’s intelligent texting software allows you to ask qualifying questions to your candidates and record their answers so you can better filter them. Our software is also enabled for two way texting. With this feature, you can follow up with the best talent, get answers to specific questions about soft and hard skills, and agree to schedule meetings faster.

Text Messaging for Recruiting: Your New Ally

SMS for recruitment can bring you multiple benefits at the moment of filtering and choosing the right candidates. You get the benefit not only of making better hiring decisions but also saving a lot of time through the automation capabilities the SMS marketing technology offers. Trumpia knows that, and we want to become your best ally to win in the HR and recruiting game.
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