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Text Appointment Reminders
SMS Marketing

How to Reduce No-Shows with Text Appointment Reminders

In the healthcare industry, one of the biggest challenges faced by practitioners is the high rate of patient no-shows for appointments. No-shows can lead to disruptions in schedules, wasted resources, and, most importantly, hinder the overall quality of patient care. However, with the advent of technology, healthcare providers have found...
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Text Messaging

How Text Appointment Reminders Improve Revenue

With everyone on their cell phones so frequently, it makes sense that businesses use texts to communicate with consumers. This includes businesses and organizations of all kinds. From hair salons to medical offices, getting in touch with people can be much easier over text. Appointment reminders are a common way...
SMS marketing for grocery stores
SMS Marketing

How to Use SMS Marketing for Grocery Stores

SMS marketing for grocery stores is an excellent way to let users know about your business and the reasons why they should shop at it. When it comes to grocery stores, customers usually have many options to buy from. And at the same time, you’re competing with both online and...
Text Messaging
Text Messaging

Which Generations Prefer Text Messaging?

Millennials and GenZ are hands down the generations that prefer text messaging the most. Stereotypes aside, there are many reasons for that. The main one is quite obvious: these generations have been using smartphones and high-speed internet from a very young age. Just like Gen-Xers were known as the television...
when is the best time to send sms marketing
SMS Marketing

When is the Best Time to Send SMS Marketing Messages?

Determining when is the best time to send SMS marketing messages depends on many factors; like the industry you work at, your target audience, and what your campaign is about. There’s no such thing as a universal best time. However, we can highlight some general guidelines that you should consider...
text messaging for nonprofits
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5 Ways to Use Text Messaging for Nonprofits

Text messaging for nonprofits is a great tool for organizers and fundraisers to cut through the noise and stay in touch with supporters in a compelling, effective way. With text messaging, you can keep donors and volunteers updated on your organization’s activities. It’s also a very good channel to engage...
sms for human resources
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10 Ways to Use SMS for Human Resources

Do you remember when texting at work was practically forbidden? Times change and so do people’s habits and the way they communicate. SMS for human resources is an invaluable tool for both internal and external communications. Its 98% open rate is unbeatable compared to emails or phone calls.  Texting can...
text messaging for events and conferences
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How to Use Text Messaging for Events and Conferences

When people think about text messaging for events and conferences they usually think of how to implement it to improve attendance’s experience. That’s valid, and we will cover that in this article. But at the same time, text messaging can also have a positive impact within the organization of those...
sms short code
SMS Marketing

SMS Short Code: Definition and How it Helps Your Strategy

An SMS short code is a combination of numbers (usually 5 to 6 - shorter than a regular phone number) that are especially used for SMS marketing campaigns. These codes are usually embedded into promotional material like TV ads, printed media, social media posts, billboards, and practically anywhere depending on...
text message appointment reminders
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Are Text Message Appointment Reminders HIPAA Compliant?

If you’re the owner or work at a medical office, text message appointment reminders are probably an invaluable tool for your practice. If you’re wondering if these text reminders comply with the Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the answer is yes. However, there are certain steps you need to take...
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