The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]

sms marketing guide

SMS (Texting) is a powerful business tool for your company,  because people are relying on their mobile phones more and more everyday.

Here’s the top 8 reasons why SMS is so powerful:

  • 97% of Text Messages are opened with Email coming in at only 20% on average
  • 23 BILLION text messages are sent per day
  • 80% of people are now using text messaging for business in some form or fashion
  • 70% of consumers appreciate getting text messages from their health care providers
  • 75% of people would prefer to have offers sent to them via text
  • 70% of employees think that companies should use texting for internal communication
  • 67 – The number of text messages sent per day by the average millennial
  • 1/3 of Business Professionals can’t wait 10 minutes to respond to a text

Before you jump into your first SMS marketing campaign, we highly recommend that you comb through our beginner’s guide to SMS marketing infographic below. If you have any questions, you can give us a call at 888-707-3030.

Download the PDF Version Here!
sms marketing infographic

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS stand for “short message service”, and it basically refers to text messages. So, SMS marketing is marketing through text messages.

Is SMS Marketing Invasive?

Because anyone you message is required by law to opt-in and give their consent to be a part of your marketing program, SMS marketing is not invasive.

What is a Text Keyword?

  • What is a keyword
    • text keyword is any word you select for your customers to text in order to subscribe for your alerts. When a customer texts in your keyword, our software automatically captures their phone number and stores it for you in a secure database. In an ad reading, “Text ‘DEALS’ to 12345 to join our texting campaign,” DEALS is the mobile keyword.
  • Tips on how to select a keyword
    • First, you want your keyword to be attention-grabbing. It doesn’t do anyone good if no one sees your keyword. Second, it should be memorable. This is especially useful for capturing people who don’t sign up immediately, but rather decide to do so later at home. You don’t want them forgetting your keyword in this situation. Which brings us to the third tip, make sure it has to do with your business or promotion. This’ll help with both tips #1 and #2.
  • What is an auto reply
    • An auto reply is something you can write up that automatically gets sent to someone when they text your keyword. Have it say “thanks!”, or give more information about your business and what they can expect in your messages.

Should I Purchase My Own Short Code?

That’s up to you. With Trumpia, we give you a shared short code built into your package. There are a few situations however when you may want to make the investment in your own dedicated short code.

  • If the keyword you want is already taken.
  • If you wish to use keywords for promotional use, like sending a coupon with the auto-reply.
  • If you want a specific short code associated with your brand, and no one else’s.

How Do I Grow My Mobile List?

We offer you a few tools, along with mobile keywords, that can help grow your mobile list.

  • OSPs: Short for “online signup pages”, you can create and place OSPs on your website for customers to fill out.
  • QR Codes: Our software is able to generate unique QR codes for you. When scanned, the customer’s phone number is automatically captured and entered into your database.

Advertise your keywords, OSPs, and QR codes on collateral around your store, in emails you send to your customers, and on your social media pages.

Tips on How to Start Your First Campaign

  • Create an account with Trumpia
  • Set the desired frequency
  • Pick the best opt-in incentives
  • Decide on effective list promotion techniques
  • Provide value in your first message
  • Create a sense of urgency
  • Include a clear call to action

For example, after someone texts your keyword, your auto-response could say:

“Thanks for signing up! You’ve just put yourself on our VIP list, which means you’ll be getting a lot of exclusive promotions and event invitations from us! So…thanks, and you’re welcome!”

Measure Your Campaign Success

By gathering accurate measurements on your campaigns, you’ll be able to see what worked and what didn’t, so you can improve your campaigns in the future.

Depending on your industry and clientele, there is a whole assortment of variables that can factor into which promotions work better than others. Time of day, percentage off vs. set dollar amount off, and which channel to use can all have significant effects on your campaigns.

Trumpia automatically collects and measures your results for you, so you don’t have to.

Using what you learn from your analytics, you can effectively make the necessary changes, so you see maximum results.

Benefits of SMS Marketing

  • Increase foot traffic
  • Increase sales
  • Reward loyal customers
  • Cultivate stronger relationships
  • Keep customers informed
  • Instant communication

Back it Up with Stats

  • Mobile users check their mobile phones 150 times/day
  • 95% of all text messages are read within 5 minutes
  • 70% of Americans would like to receive offers from their favorite businesses
  • 22% of text message are forwarded on to friends and family
  • Redemption rate for mobile coupons is 20%

Who Uses SMS Marketing


Uplift spirits with daily passages from scripture, and keep your entire congregation up to date on events with text invites and reminders.


Alert students, parents, and staff to emergency and weather-related closures. Also, boost attendance at under-represented events with SMS invites.


Fill empty tables with weekly texts advertising your specials, and make sure diners remember their reservations with timely appointment reminders.

Salons & Spas

Remind customers of their appointments, so your staff can accurately organize their time with walk-ins. Immediately alert customers when you have a hot item back in stock.

Retail Stores

Drive traffic and boost customer loyalty by texting the latest deals, and running a loyalty rewards program.


Promote special events and guest DJs to instantly fill the room.

Government Agencies

Boost attendance at rallys to gain support for issues, and keep constituents up-to-date on important proceedings.

Need help starting your next SMS marketing campaign, partner up with the #1 SMS marketing provider, Trumpia. Give us a call at 888-707-3030 or watch our 5-minute demo to learn more.