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The Beginner’s Guide to SMS Marketing [Infographic]

SMS (Texting) is a powerful business tool for your company,  because people are relying on their mobile phones more and more everyday. Here's the top 8 reasons why SMS is so powerful: 97% of Text Messages are opened with Email coming in at only 20% on average23 BILLION text messages are...
text messaging for customer service

What is Text Messaging for Customer Service? A Quick Guide

Text messaging for customer service is any kind of customer service communications sent via text messaging. With customer service SMS messaging, support teams can send updates, share important communication, resolve issues and queries, conduct surveys, promote reward programs, just to name a few common tasks. Texting is excellent to scale,...
text messaging for recruiting
SMS Marketing

How to Write Effective Text Messages for Recruiting

If you are a successful company, you know that you are constantly looking for the best prospective employees in order to bring fresh and innovative ideas and contributions to your company. Because after all, a company is nothing without the bright and talented employees who constantly add value to the...
MMS Messaging Software

4 Examples of Multimedia Messaging Service

Many times in life, words are not enough when you are trying to communicate and market to your audience. For some promotions and campaigns, you need fun, innovative, and exciting new ways to promote and showcase your products or service. That is why you need a MMS Messaging Software to...
sms api

How to Choose an SMS API in 2022

An SMS API is a software service that enables code to send text messages to subscribers when conditions are met. Trumpia is an SMS API service, and we are the best SMS API service that offers you pathway to grow your marketing and messaging. You may be wondering - what...
sms marketing
SMS Marketing

How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Audience

SMS marketing is a practice that consists of sending text messages for promotional purposes. Some people still wonder why or how that works but the truth is that SMS marketing is quite effective. Text messaging is actually the most immediate, attention-grabbing way of communication that your business can have with...
SMS Marketing List
SMS Marketing

The Ultimate Guide to Segmenting Your SMS Marketing List

In order to make the most out of your SMS marketing campaigns, you need to know how to segment your database of customers and prospects. No customer wants to get irrelevant messages on their phone, no matter how text-happy they are. Eventually, your audience will opt-out of your list if you...
text messaging for church
SMS Marketing

Text Message Notifications Help Boost Attendance at Church Events

Can you boost attendance using text messaging for church? According to a General Social Survey as reported by CNN, church attendance has declined in the last several years. Pastors, ministry leaders, and other church officials often struggle to entice members not only to regular weekly services, but to special church events as well....
salesforce sms integration
SMS Marketing

Trumpia Connect: See how Texting & Salesforce Increase Sales

Maximizing sales is an essential, but tricky endeavor for sales teams to accomplish. Conventional methods of sales communication, such as email or phone calls, often result in leads being left in the sales funnel for too long, which depletes their chances of converting. Enable sales reps to quickly follow up...
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