How are YOUR Text Messages Delivered?

Text Messages

With all of the text message marketing vendors out there it can be easy to get caught up in the mix. What is the best way to send my texts?  What are things to watch out for? Why do some SMS providers offer such low rates?

We’ve put together a quick guide to explain the different ways SMS can be delivered and some of the qualities you want to MAKE SURE your SMS vendor has.

The Technical

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) – Also known as “email to text” where you are basically sending an SMS through an email gateway on a cell phone’s carrier network.  This method is designed for personal use and NOT approved by the carriers, which means speed and delivery rates are extremely unreliable.  The cost involved with setting up a SMTP SMS marketing campaign is very minimal because all it requires is an email server and a small amount of bandwidth.

SMPP (Short Message Peer-to-Peer Protocol) – Also known as “express text messaging” and is the same method as if you were sending a SMS to a friend.  This method utilizes a true SMS gateway by means of a short code, which is a 5-6 digit number approved by the carriers for commercial use. This means your text messages are guaranteed to be sent immediately with a 99% success rate.  Cost for SMPP SMS marketing campaigns include setup and maintenance of a short code and a per text message fee to ensure compliance with the carriers and the utmost delivery speed.

*Please note that you can partner with a provider like Trumpia to use a shared short code which will cover all short code charges.

The Legal

SMTP – By using an email gateway to send your SMS you are subjecting your messages to the CAN-SPAM act which can lead to legal action if unsolicited messages are sent.  In addition, carriers frequently monitor these gateways and any detection of non-personal use or spam will lead to your messaging and marketing to get shut down.

SMPP – Sending your SMS through true SMS protocol ensures your messages follow all carrier guidelines and opt out procedures, which protect your business against unfair spam accusation and legal action.

The Final Verdict

When including SMS into your mobile marketing mix make sure to choose SMPP – the possibility of wasting your money on failed messages or being prosecuted for spam isn’t worth the risk of using anything else.

REF: MMA Global Consumer Best Practices Guidelines