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Church SMS Text Messages Samples to Invite New Congregants

church SMS text messages

One effective method that has gained popularity in many ministries is sending church SMS text messages to their congregations. Text messaging is a quick and convenient way to communicate, making it an ideal tool for inviting new congregants to your church. In this article, we’ll provide you with some sample SMS text messages to help you extend a warm and inviting hand to newcomers; and how Trumpia’s church texting software can take them to the next level. 

Church SMS Text Messages Templates you Can Use Right Now

A Warm Welcome

“Hello! We’d like to extend a warm welcome to you. Join us this Sunday at [Church Name] for a heartwarming service. We can’t wait to meet you and share in the joy of worship together!”

Sunday Service Invitation

“Good day! We invite you to our Sunday service at [Church Address] at [Service Time]. Come as you are, and let’s worship together. We look forward to having you with us!”

Upcoming Event

“Hello there! We have an exciting event coming up at [Church Name]. Join us for a special [Event Name] on [Date] at [Time]. It’s going to be a fantastic time of fellowship and fun!”

Prayer Meeting Reminder

“Hi! Don’t forget our weekly prayer meeting tomorrow at [Time]. Join us in seeking spiritual growth and unity through prayer. Your presence will make a difference!”

Volunteer Opportunity

“Hi! We’re always looking for volunteers to help us with [Church Activity]. If you’d like to get involved and make a positive impact in our community, please let us know. We’d love to have you on our team!”

Small Group Invitation

“Hey! Our small groups provide a close-knit community where you can grow in your faith. Interested in joining one? Reply ‘YES’ for more info.”

Special Guest Speaker

“Hello! We have a special guest speaker, [Speaker Name], joining us this Sunday. You won’t want to miss this inspiring message. See you at [Service Time]!”

Church Youth Group

“Hi! If you’re a young adult looking for a place to connect and grow in your faith, our youth group meets every [Youth Group Day]. Come check it out!”

Community Outreach

“Hey there! We believe in serving our community. Join us on [Date] as we participate in [Community Event]. Let’s make a difference together!”

Stay Connected

“Hello! Stay connected with us by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. You’ll receive updates on events, sermons, and more. Click here to subscribe [Newsletter Signup Link].”

The Trumpia Advantage in Church SMS Text Messages

Incorporating SMS marketing into your church’s communication strategy is a powerful way to invite new congregants and keep your members engaged. These sample messages can serve as a starting point, but you can customize them to fit your church’s unique style and culture. In order to do that, you need to have the best church texting software. Any other platform out there can handle templates like these. But Trumpia can go far beyond these basics.

Our automated texting software is a multichannel platform that includes MMS messaging, which allows you not only to insert photos, animated GIFs or videos to your church SMS text messages but also emojis, QR codes, links, coupons, saved templates, and personalized information such as names of the recipients or dates. It’s unlikely that you’ll find another similar software that offers such a range of options to personalize your text messages.   

Trumpia also features an AI text message generator that can bring you up to three different text message options to choose and edit as you need. So aside from using the samples we shared in this article, you can create your own to refine your strategy and help avoiding writer’s block. As Trumpia is a multichannel platform, you can customize both text messages and emails; with equal level of customization and excellence.

Are you ready to use Trumpia? Call or text 1-888-707-3030 to get more information and acquire your plan right away.