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Frequently Asked SMS Texting Questions

SMS Texting

Are you interested in using our product but you don’t know where to start? You’re not alone and that’s why we’ve compiled some of the  most frequently asked questions regarding SMS marketing and the answers to them. 

How effective is SMS texting and is it more effective than other forms of communication?

SMS texting has a 98% read rate. A nearly perfect READ rate. This means that SMS texting is not only a fast and reliable communication platform, but you are ensuring that people will read what you are sending to them. 

However, SMS text messages does work better in conjunction with other communication channels such as email.

Do you have to manually send messages yourself?

No! Trumpia offers a feature called Automation, which is a cool feature that allows companies to set their marketing campaigns on autopilot. This goes beyond letting businesses schedule messages that are preloaded. You can have messages triggered and branch based on how your subscriber responds. Of course, you also always have the option to manually send messages yourself whenever you need. 

Is there a limit to what I can send?

Yes and no. While there is a character limit in a normal SMS text message, businesses can choose to incorporate URLS, images, and more into their messages. In fact, we highly recommend using MMS in order to boost your campaign. Be careful however, because you will need to pay if you exceed the character limit. However, it is more than enough to create a memorable and concise message.

How can people use SMS text messaging?

The limits are really endless. You can use it to predominantly communicate with your customers and even have a one to one conversation. But you can also send reminders and information on sales, events, discounts, and other important announcements that people will need to know. 

There are however some content that are not allowed to send via SMS. You can read more about that here. TCPA and CTIA

Can you integrate SMS texting with other applications?

Yes! Not only can you integrate SMS texting, but it is really easy to do so! Simply send a link to the application you are integrating with and customers can easily go to a different page such as their email or even a social media platform. 

Do you need consent to reach out to people?

Yes. Never include a random list of contacts you randomly found or bought without their consent. Not only is that illegal, but it is a bad practice that ruins your company’s reputation. 

How do you handle opt-ins and opt-outs?

This is a great and important question because companies need to ensure that they are complying to opt-in rules due to legality issues. In order to have subscribers opt-in, simply have them text a keyword to a short code. The ways in which you decide to market that is up to you. Opt-out is easy through Trumpia. We actually do the opt-out clauses for you by allowing customers to text stop in order to not receive messages anymore. 

Are companies able to track the effectiveness of their campaigns?

Yes, through Trumpia’s software, companies can track things such as delivery status, click through rates, and read rates.

If you have any more questions that are not listed above, this is a great opportunity to give us a call at 888.707.3030.

If you’re more of the self-study type, check out our blog on Trumpia.com  where we answer all of the top text message software questions.