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SMS marketing
SMS Marketing

How to Use SMS Marketing to Sell More This Holiday Season

Holiday season brings endless opportunities for SMS marketing. There are more people at home with spare time, ready to buy that present they forgot. Considering that text messages have a 98% open rate (higher than any other media, including emails), you can definitely cover these users’ needs. In this article,...
automated text message
SMS Marketing

How to Send an Automated Text Message Using Trumpia

With Trumpia, there are many ways top send an automated text message. For example, you also have the ability to conduct Two Way Conversations, meaning contacts can message you back through the same number you sent the message on. Contact collection is also made easy through text keywords; which are unlimited...
Texting Software
SMS Marketing

How to Choose the Best Texting Software For Your Business

Trumpia is considered one of the best Texting Software for all type of businesses. That's mostly because of our SMS Marketing capabilities, which includes one of the most complete lists of features in the industry. If you and your company are looking for ways to capitalize on new leads, generate...
MMS messaging software

How to Use MMS Messaging in SMS Marketing

Using a platform that is also an MMS messaging software is highly beneficial to diversifying your SMS marketing content and keeping contacts engaged. At Trumpia, we believe that videos are an invaluable tool when it comes to captivating subscribers. Some of the reasons are: People are more likely to click...
texting software
SMS Marketing

Why Trumpia is the Best Texting Software For Your Business

Trumpia is undoubtedly one of the best Texting Software for your business. No other Texting Software can compare to our SMS Marketing capabilities, including all of the features we have to offer. If you and your company are looking for ways to capitalize on new leads, generate more conversions, and...
how much does sms marketing cost
SMS Marketing

How Much Does SMS Marketing Cost?

SMS marketing pays off for a very simple reason: it has a 98% open rate. That beats any other medium. But how much does sms marketing cost? Pricing varies depending on certain factors: The platform you chooseHow many subscribers you want to reach out toHow many messages you intend to...
sms marketing
SMS Marketing

How Does SMS Marketing Work?

If you have ever found yourself needing a communication platform for all of your messaging needs, there is no better platform than what we offer here at Trumpia through our leading SMS Texting Software. SMS stands for Short Message Service and is commonly known as texting. These messages are limited...
SMS Texting

Frequently Asked SMS Texting Questions

Are you interested in using our product but you don’t know where to start? You’re not alone and that’s why we’ve compiled some of the  most frequently asked questions regarding SMS texting and the answers to them.  How effective is SMS texting and is it more effective than other forms...
trumpia 3.0
Trumpia Updates

What’s New with Trumpia!

Trumpia is excited to announce the release of our new version, Trumpia 3.0, which is available now. It offers the choice between two different user interfaces - the original UI and a newly updated version that comes with a number of enhancements detailed below. How to Switch to the New...
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