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How much does trumpia cost
SMS Marketing

How Much Does Trumpia Cost? A 2023 Update

How much does Trumpia cost? The pricing for our texting software varies depending on the plan, the number of messages you choose, and if you decide to pay annually or monthly. There are two different plans:  Core Plans: starts at $94 per month billed annually, or $118 billed monthly. Includes...
SMS bulk texting
SMS Marketing

5 Guidelines to Make your SMS Bulk Texting Effective

Texting software has done amazing things for marketers who want to connect with active audiences. Rather than being “just another email” in an in-box full of other special offers that are easy to ignore, a text provides some excitement. A personal text or even SMS bulk texting can arrive anytime,...
SMS marketing glossary
SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Glossary: Basic Terms You Need to Know

This basic SMS marketing glossary primarily intends to help those who are planning on using SMS marketing understand some essential terminologies and get the best out of their investment. And even if you’ve already been using text marketing for a while, you’ll find this article especially useful; get a chance...
sms marketing guide

The Ultimate SMS Marketing Guide

The Ultimate SMS Marketing Guide provides everything you need to know about using text messaging for marketing. PDF version available to download for FREE!
text messaging for customer service

What is Text Messaging for Customer Service? A Quick Guide

Text messaging for customer service is any kind of customer service communications sent via text messaging. With customer service SMS messaging, support teams can send updates, share important communication, resolve issues and queries, conduct surveys, promote reward programs, just to name a few common tasks. Texting is excellent to scale,...
SMS marketing conversion rate
SMS Marketing

An Overview on SMS Marketing Conversion Rate

SMS marketing conversion rate is probably the most important thing for you to keep in mind at the moment of investing in text messaging for promotional use. By knowing this, you can understand how much profit you’re making from SMS marketing; costs per purchase/customer, and how text messaging is contributing...
sms marketing and millennials
SMS Marketing

How SMS Marketing Engages Both Millennials and Gen Z

We can think that SMS marketing is particularly effective with millennials and Gen Z mostly because of their habits on mobile device usage. And although that would be correct, it’s also a quite shallow way to understand the phenomenon. If your target audience is any of these generations (or both),...
sms marketing ecommerce
SMS Marketing

4 Ways to Use SMS Marketing for Ecommerce

One of the best traits of SMS marketing is that it can be used to engage clients in all the stages of the sales funnel. That makes this practice particularly useful for ecommerce. Text messaging also has high engagement rates.  Users prefer to receive text messages over any other form...
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