SMS Marketing

What is SMS Marketing? Definition and Best Practices in 2023

SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is the practice of sending text messages for marketing purposes. Contacts need to opt-in in order to receive these messages, which can take the form of news, updates, promotional offers, links, and even images or videos. Another characteristic of SMS marketing is that it’s quite easy to use and implement in virtually any industry, and offers an engagement level like no other marketing option, with an open rate of 98%.

Text messaging is also a good marketing tool because:

  • It has a high level of usability and is widely used
  • It’s direct; meaning it goes directly to a device people have in their hands every day, anytime.
  • Not everybody uses it: a 2021 study by ZipWhip says only 25% of businesses use text messaging for marketing purposes.
  • It’s highly customizable and adaptable to practically any audience.
  • It allows faster, easier responses through Yes/No responses.
  • People find it more convenient and straightforward than emails.
  • SMS messages effectively drive online sales and overall web traffic.
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SMS Marketing Best Practices

Comply with SMS Marketing Regulations

Just like any other industry, text messaging has specific rules and regulations in order to avoid spam and other harmful activities. The Federal Communications Commision (FCC) allows SMS marketing only to those users who actively and intentionally subscribe to receive your messages. 

This consent cannot be received via email. You can gain it by adding an opt-in field in your popup forms, subscription boxes, newsletter fields, or anywhere else your customers can use to opt-in.

Find more information about SMS marketing regulations here.

Make Opt in and Opt-out Easy

The easier you make things for people, the better. Even when it comes to opting out of your list, users will definitely have a good impression on your brand (which means they might come back in the future). On the other hand, using short, easy to remember text keywords is a great way to make it easier for people to opt-in your list.

You can also encourage opt-ins by including offers or other incentives like discounts, promo codes, earlier access, discounts, reward points, among many others. Just make sure these incentives are consistent to your brand’s voice and are easy to use and remember.

Offer Personalized, Relevant Messaging

Sending a message that includes your subscribers first name can help establish and strengthen their loyalty. That’s one of the things that made Starbucks so successful and popular: they pioneered the practice of calling people by their names. 

Personalization also goes hand-in-hand with relevancy. Location is a good example of this. If your activity is limited to a specific area, sending text messages to those living far away from your range would be irrelevant and thus, useless. 

And even if your product or service is available anywhere in the country, you should keep time zones in mind. Proper time zone segmentation can make it easier for subscribers to receive your marketing messages in a timely and convenient way: if you set your messages to be delivered at 10 AM EST, you may risk it to be delivered at 7AM to somebody on Pacific Time. That’s because nobody likes to be awakened by an intrusive, annoying marketing text…

Provide Value

A promo code or a discount are always welcome. But so is relevant, useful information. You can improve customers’ experience by texting related news or any other data they might be interested in. This also helps building loyalty, as you’re giving them something valuable and basically, for free. 

Still, you should always include a call to action in order to lead your subscribers to a potential conversion. You can include a link to a relevant landing page, YouTube video, the address of your brick-and-mortar store, a discount code, etc.

SMS Marketing is Alive and Well in 2023

SMS marketing is here to stay. Despite what many people tend to believe, it doesn’t suck and it’s much more useful and effective than what some people believe. And just like any other marketing strategy, text messaging is continuously evolving. You can see this as an opportunity to rise above your competitors and WIN in your industry.

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