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Top 7 SMS Marketing Best Practices

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SMS marketing may look like a straightforward content strategy that can help you reach thousands of brand followers at once. And with the right tools and expertise, it can be. However, it takes some time and practice to understand exactly how your SMS channel can be best prioritized in order to facilitate positive interactions. 

Top 7 SMS Marketing Best Practices

Our experts at Trumpia have found a few general rules of thumb that can help you kickstart your next SMS campaign without a hitch. Keep reading to learn about the top 7 SMS marketing best practices we recommend for anyone looking to boost their text message strategy.

Keep it Simple

While you technically have an unlimited amount of space to work with, you are better off keeping your SMS messages short and sweet. Everyone will receive the message instantly, so it will likely be seen as soon as you send it. Therefore, there is no need to write anything too long-winded. SMS messaging is for succinct and exciting updates that you want your customers to see right away. 

Reference Relevant Events

Is there a major holiday coming up? Did an event just occur that was important to your community? Be sure to reference it in your next text messaging campaign. For example, you can help your customers gear up for the holiday season by including texts about gift ideas and bundled deals to help people save through the new year. 

Create Dedicated Groups of Customers

Depending on the size of your company and the different operations you run, you may want to consider segmenting your customers into a few different categories. One of the most popular ways to separate groups of customers is by demographics, which entails a customer’s specific location, age group, and personal interests. You might also want to group customers by how frequently or infrequently they buy from you so you know what types of messages will be the most relevant for them. 

Whatever You Do, Don’t Redirect! 

SMS messages that take a customer to another page, app, or location via a link prove doomed to fail. In fact, a lot of smartphones have built-in measures to delete or flag text messages that contain links, as they might be considered to be spam. To avoid spamming your prospective buyers, make sure that all relevant information stays within the text itself and you do not redirect them elsewhere. 

Stay Engaging

At the heart of every major SMS campaign is the aptitude for connecting with customers. Your ultimate goal should be to engage with them, offering cool tips or promotional offers that will encourage them to interact with you. Not only does this create a two-way relationship that customers will remember in the future, but it can also help you create new dialogues with your greater community, gaining free insights on what your customer base needs most. 

Keep it Relevant to Real Time

Text messages are just about the fastest forms of communication that exist in our modern world, so make sure that any messages sent through this route are relevant to the here and now. It is no secret that people have short attention spans when it comes to reading texts on their phones, so make sure that you engage your audience with a hook and keep your messaging to the point. 

Offer, Offer, Offer!

People love to receive various offers for discounted items, exclusive pre-purchasing rights, bundled deals, and other promotions. While you should have the wherewithal to not spam your customers with too many messages, you should also make sure to keep your texts engaging and exciting by offering incentives through your messaging campaign. Just remember that some people have to pay to receive texts, so keep your reward offers brief. 

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