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The 4 Most Common Automated Text Message Workflows

automated text message workflow

An automated text message workflow is a system that allows you to send text messages that are usually triggered by time or action. These messages are usually sent in different intervals of a sequence that you can preset. The main idea behind this is to avoid sending those messages manually; which could be incredibly time consuming if, for example, you need to send it to thousands of contacts.

In this article we will make an overview of the 4 most common SMS messages workflows that everybody uses. And although that might be useful to you, we believe it’s also good for you to know that automated text messages workflows can do much more than that. 

That’s why Trumpia has developed Workbench; the most complete automated text message workflow builder in the industry that allows you to customize both text messaging and email campaigns through an easy-to-use user interphase and drag-and-drop functionality. 

Workbench was conceived to let you cover all your typical text message workflows and allow you to go for much more complex actions that would usually require the help of a coder. 

Watch this presentation to know more about Workbench and how it works:

Automated Text Message Workflows Everybody Uses

Welcome Messages for New Subscribers

After people opt-in texting lists, many companies usually automate messages to welcome those newcomers. The common reason for that is that the opt-in was originally moved by a specific motivation: a new product release, a seasonal promotion, etc. Welcome messages are an extension to those motivations; a way to share more information and engage clients to advance in the sales funnel.

Welcome messages are a great way to generate a good first impression on people who are barely starting to know your brand. This is like that because customers are especially engaged when they first opt-in to receive your messages. They’re enthusiastic, they want to know more. The experience you provide in this initial time will be crucial for them to decide whether they stay with you or choose a competitor.

Appointment Reminders and Scheduling

In this text message workflow, you can set a text appointment reminder to be sent a few days prior to your clients’ visits. That way, you can automatically be in their radar, avoid no-shows, and even allow re-schedules that can also be set through text. 

If you use Trumpia’s texting software, you can use our exclusive compliant link shortener and add one message to your workflow that contains a link to your website or scheduling platform of choice. The additional benefit of using this feature is that it sends a shorter link, which saves text message characters.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

This is one of the best, most common examples of how SMS marketing works for eCommerce. Users that leave a website without finishing a purchase usually receive an email reminder to continue the checkout. However, emails have a much lower open rate than text messages (22% email vs 98% text messages – yes, that big of a difference!). 

It’s practically a sin to leave those warm leads go cold turkey. A text message reminder can better fulfill the task of reminding people to finish their purchase. Not only because of its higher open rate, but also because of the unique capabilities of text automation. Along with the reminder, you can send promo codes, offer free-shipping, discounts that expire in short and other incentives.

Collect Email Addresses and Customers’ Reviews

SMS messaging and email work pretty well together. One good example is the use of data capture in text messages. In the context of a text message workflow, you can implement this feature to collect email addresses and engage clients through both channels. When you use Data Capture on Trumpia’s texting software, responses are automatically stored; no need for manual data entry.

On the other hand, you can also collect customers’ reviews using a similar method but in a more, let’s say, manual way. Print a text keyword on a product’s packaging so when people opt-in, they receive a message encouraging them to send their review. You can either attach a link for that or provide reply options that determine a high, middle, or low score to the client’s feedback (1 to 10, A-B-C, etc.).

How Trumpia Goes Beyond These Workflows

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the workflows we reviewed in this article. They’ve been used and are still being used by thousands of companies around the world for a very simple reason: they work. But at the same time, we want you to know that text message automation is not limited to that. That’s why we’ve implemented our 15+ years of experience in the industry and the feedback from thousands of loyal clients throughout the years to create the ultimate automated text message workflow builder.

With Workbench, we wanted to offer something no other competitor does. And we do that by combining intelligent texting software with genuine care for our client’s needs and success. That’s why Workbench offers:

  • Onboarding and Training: so you can learn to build your own custom solution from day one without programming.
  • Pre-built workflows: from day 1 you have a collection of text message workflow templates that cover not only general needs but also specific industries like car dealerships, sales, education, churches, and many more. You can modify them as you wish.
automated text message workflow
  • Custom Workflows: we can also deliver unique applets to meet your specifications much quicker and cheaper than if you were to pay a coder. 
  • CustomDev service: with this, you can have an expert to customize almost anything within Workbench using programming language.

Are you ready to use Trumpia’s texting software? Check out our pricing plans and find the one that fits you best! Workbench is included in all Advanced Plans, which also feature Premium support, access to all our text message workflows, Enterprise services and many more benefits for a minimal difference compared to our Core plans. 
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