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How Much Does Trumpia Cost? A 2023 Update

How much does trumpia cost

How much does Trumpia cost? The pricing for our texting software varies depending on the plan, the number of messages you choose, and if you decide to pay annually or monthly. There are two different plans: 

  • Core Plans: starts at $94 per month billed annually, or $118 billed monthly. Includes 3000 SMS messages.
  • Advanced Plans: starts at $159 per month billed annually, or $199 billed monthly. Includes 5000 SMS messages.

The Core plans also offer options with 5000, 15.000, 40.000, 100.000, and 225.000 messages. Advanced plans, on the other hand, offer 15.000, 40.000, 100.000, and 225.000 messages. You can see the details of our SMS software pricing plans, both annually, and monthly, and the features they include.

Alternatively, you can try Trumpia’s texting software by starting a 14-day FREE trial. The trial includes all our premium features, among other benefits. No credit card is required to start your free trial. You can experience the power of our software for 14 days and see how intuitive and easy to use it is.

Do you have any questions? call or text 1-888-707-3030. Our experts will be more than happy to guide you.

how much does trumpia cost

Trumpia Pricing Plans’ Add Ons & Cost by Feature

It’s also worth mentioning that all of our plans come bundled with a number of features and services. Some of those features and services are:

  • Automated text message workflows: these allow you to automate messaging tasks and carry out powerful customer engagement, all without lifting a finger.
  • Data sets: this feature can keep contacts, features, credits, and message history separate between different departments, employees, and locations.
  • Dedicated account managers (Advanced only): a dedicated account manager who can help you maximize your sms marketing ROI.

If you need some extra features and services, check our Add-ons pricing to see the price of each additional feature/service.You can also see the credit cost by feature for both toll-free and short code use. 

How Much does Trumpia Custom Plans Cost?

Aside from the Core and Advanced plans, Trumpia also offers custom plans by clients’ requests. Since they’re custom plans, their price will vary depending on each client’s needs. In that case, you’d need to call 1-888-707-3030 to talk with one of our Account Executives to discuss the details of your plan and its price.

Why Should You Choose Trumpia Over Other Alternatives

There are many different advantages that make Trumpia stand out from their competitors. We won’t list them all but we will highlight two of them: Workbench, and our AI text message generator. For a broader insight on why choose Trumpia, please visit this page. You can also download our Competitive Advantages PDF for free by filling up this form:

Trumpia’s Workbench

One of the advantages of using Trumpia is that all our Advanced plans include Workbench; our automated text message workflow builder; Workbench is different from any other option out there for a set of reasons:

1. Our Dedicated account managers can support and guide you so that you can learn and build your own custom solution without programming knowledge.

2. Workbench features prebuilt workflows customized for different industries. So for example, if you work for a car dealership you can go to the Auto dealerships tab on Workbench and select one of the prebuilt workflows. And of course you can apply as many changes and edits as you want.

how much does trumpia cost

3. With Workbench, you get unique applets that fit your specifications much faster and for a lower price than if you paid a coder to do that for you. 

4. We also have standard vertical applets that can be modified to build custom applets. Our dedicated account managers can guide you on that.

AI Text Message Generator

Trumpia features an AI text message generator that can help you generate AI powered SMS messages and emails. This is important to highlight because the texting softwares out there that are offering AI only uses it for SMS messages. Trumpia covers both, with equal levels of customization, ease of use, and effectiveness.

With our AI generator, you just need to fill up a few extra fields when you compose an email or text message, hit the ‘generate’ button and get up to three different options of messages. You can choose the message’s topic; the tone, lengths, and number of suggestions you need. After that, you can take the option you like best, edit and add what you need, and hit send.