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How to Use Text Marketing for Restaurants The Right Way

text marketing for restaurants

The restaurant industry, like so many other industries, thrives off of the ability to sell a product to a lot of people. Unfortunately, so many restaurants and businesses become overshadowed by other competition, simply because of how saturated the market is. Even if your recipes and dishes are delicious, it can be difficult to highlight your product, especially in the early days of your restaurant. Trumpia wants to make your restaurant business dreams come to life with our superior text marketing for restaurants

What You Need to Know About Text Marketing for Restaurants

Why is SMS Marketing more beneficial than traditional methods of advertising and communication? While things like flyers, commercials, and even email marketing have been the go-to form of marketing in the last couple of decades, SMS texting has two factors that the rest do not have: speed and efficiency. With a 97% read rate, restaurants and businesses are able to instantly send to thousands of clients at a time. 

For you and your food business, being able to reach many contacts is not only an opportunity to capitalize on new leads, but it also is an opportunity to increase brand awareness. The public knowing your brand is one of the greatest assets that any business can have. People should be able to recognize your company and your product simply by looking at your branding, which includes your name and logo. 

Here are ways that you can expand your restaurant through SMS texting:

Superior Contact Collection

SMS texting relies on one powerful feature: text keywords. Keywords are the way that our software collects contacts and organizes them into a central database. All you have to do is broadcast that keyword in whatever marketing strategy you choose. We recommend having an Omni Channel approach. Once you broadcast it, potential customers simply need to text that keyword to a Long Code in order to subscribe to receive your messages! Once subscriptions start to happen, you can then begin to advertise your product or send whatever information you want.

Ability to send Deals and Promotions

One excellent type of messages you can start sending out immediately is a series of deals and Promotions. Everyone loves a good deal, especially if it is to a restaurant or product that they really enjoy. Generate excitement by sending out deals related to your grand opening, holidays, and more! You can even Automate these messages which will send  messages to your contacts – requiring no intervention from you. 

You can also send out MMS picture messages which can include mouth watering images and videos of your product. Nothing is more enticing than a good marketing campaign that highlights how delicious your food is. 

Internal Communication

One of the other benefits of SMS texting is that you can also use it as a form of internal communication amongst employees. One of the best ways that we recommend utilizing SMS texting is to create employee schedules through our software. This is accomplished by simply asking your employees for their availability. Employees are then able to respond back because our system allows Two Way Texting Make scheduling so much easier through our software

Start using SMS texting with your food industry today!

We recommend reading our testimonials from current clients and our blogs in order to see how much our company can help expand yours today!