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companies that use SMS marketing
SMS Marketing

Big Companies that Use SMS Marketing

There are many big companies that use SMS marketing as part of their overall strategy. In this article, we’ll go over how many of these mega brands use texting; the way they use it, and show you that your company can also use this powerful technology. If these companies successfully...
Text Marketing for Restaurants

A Quick-Fire Guide to Text Marketing for Restaurants

Restaurants and smartphones really aren’t supposed to go together. After all, few patrons want to hear other people’s phone conversations while they’re enjoying a meal out, and one’s dining companions would appreciate your full attention, rather than you constantly being distracted with texting, news headlines or social media. However, in the...
text marketing for restaurants
SMS Marketing

How to Use Text Marketing for Restaurants The Right Way

The restaurant industry, like so many other industries, thrives off of the ability to sell a product to a lot of people. Unfortunately, so many restaurants and businesses become overshadowed by other competition, simply because of how saturated the market is. Even if your recipes and dishes are delicious, it...
text message marketing for restaurants

Text Message Marketing for Restaurants: A Complete Guide

Millions of restaurants around the world compete for the same customers, and only the restaurants with the most effective marketing will come out on top. Cooking great food may seem tough, but getting people in the door is actually the hardest part. The best way to market a restaurant and...