How to Choose an SMS API in 2022

sms api

An SMS API is a software service that enables code to send text messages to subscribers when conditions are met. Trumpia is an SMS API service, and we are the best SMS API service that offers you pathway to grow your marketing and messaging. You may be wondering – what separates us from a normal texting service? Well, the reality is that no one in the industry can match our ability to send thousands of messages at such an inviting price point. In fact, we even dare you to try sending a single text message to a thousand contacts on your cell phone right now – see how long that would take you!

And here are some of the things that our SMS API can offer you:

  • Contact Management tools that allows you to manage databases and integrate CRM’s without knowing any code
  • Contact Collection tools that also handle compliance issues 
  • 2 Factor Authentication that helps protect your company from unsavory activity. 
  • Higher throughput at lower costs, which allow you to get the best possible performance without having to spend a lot of money.
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That doesn’t even begin to capture all of the other things you can accomplish using our platform. Here are some of the best features we are able to provide: 

  • Advanced contact collection capabilities through our Keyword feature
  • Leading Automation tools which allow you to set your messaging campaign on autopilot, controlling every step of the communication process with your subscribers. 
  • Upgraded Automation tools including our Workbench feature, which allows you to create messaging pathways such as Appointment Reminders, Billing Requests, and more. 
  • Ability to use our Tracking Tools, which allows you to focus on contacts based off of different metrics including Click Through Rates, open rates, and more. 
  • Leading edge customer service and experience, especially through our Account Managers who exist to help you meet your goals.

When looking for an advanced API solution, nothing compares to what Trumpia can offer you and your company. We recommend learning more about our Automation tools, which set us apart from the rest of our competitors in every single facet. Read more here!