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How SMS Marketing Can Grow Your Audience

sms marketing

SMS marketing is a practice that consists of sending text messages for promotional purposes. Some people still wonder why or how that works but the truth is that SMS marketing is quite effective. Text messaging is actually the most immediate, attention-grabbing way of communication that your business can have with your clients and prospects.

Let’s check some numbers on how people interact to SMS:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate, compared to just emails’ 22%
  • 60% of the people in the USA prefer text over call
  • 46% of Americans check their phones as the first thing to do when they wake up.
  • 90% of text messages are read within the first 3 minutes
  • SMS messages are also responded 7.5x more often and 60x faster than emails.

These numbers can bring multiple opportunities to your audience and overall SMS marketing growth. Let’s see how you can do that!

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How to Use Text Keywords to Get Contacts

Text keywords are one of the main tools in SMS marketing; especially great for growing your audience. These keywords consist of short terms that people can text to a number in order to opt-in and receive certain messages. Usually those messages are a single auto-response. Users’ numbers are also added to your contacts’ list. At least that’s how it works with most SMS marketing platforms. 

That’s effective, but we can do more.

Trumpia’s keywords go a step further. When you use our texting software, you can set keywords for specific projects and automatically build different subscribers lists. Our Data Capture feature also allows you to get more than just a phone number, and collect name, region, interests, and many other data that you can pre-set. 

Learn how to create a text keyword here!

How to Reduce Opt-Outs in Your SMS Marketing Strategy

One of people’s main concerns in SMS marketing is opt outs. How can you keep the same people who opted in your list to stay? The best way to do that is to send messages that are as relevant as possible. Trumpia’s text message automation allows you to do that by automatically sending tailored messages to specific lists (like the ones we mentioned before). 

But you can do even more. Here are some pro tips to make the best out of this powerful tool:

Strive for Relevance AND Regularity

Sending tailored messages that fit your audience’s interests is a good start. But regularity is key to keep them interested. People opt-opt not only when they’re annoyed: they also do it when they lose interest (AKA, they forgot you). 

A twice a month-regularity for all your lists, and a weekly communication with your highest-intent subscribers could be a good option as for how often you should send marketing SMS messages.

Set Messages for Special Days

Google Analytics can give you very useful insights on the days and times your website has traffic the most. You can use that information to set your messages to be sent during those moments your target audience is receptive the most.

Have Two-Way Text Conversation

You can level up your SMS marketing messages’ relevance and personalization by enabling two-way text conversations with your subscribers. That way, you can follow up after a purchase, remind new subscribers about discounts and promos, and much more.