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How Hotels and Resorts Can Benefit from Text Messaging

text messaging for hotels

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COVID-19 has undoubtedly changed so many different industries throughout the pandemic. In fact, the way people interact with each other has completely shifted depending on people’s comfort and safety concerns. However, of all the industries, the industry that was hit the hardest was probably the Hospitality industry. With people not traveling as frequently as they were, hotels need ways to safely communicate with their guests while ensuring the protection of their staff and guests. Furthermore, with corporations and businesses re-opening, there is an explosion of traveling that has been taking place. 

As a result, the Hospitality industry needs a way to meet the large growing demands of accommodating so many people, which is why SMS texting is a revolutionary solution for the hospitality industry. While ensuring a safe, contact-less check-in process, SMS texting can save both the staff and guest times while making sure their stay is as streamlined and hassle-free as possible. 

Good Uses of Text Messaging for Hotels

Integrate SMS Texting with your Hotel Check-in Process

In order to get started, you need to make sure that every client gets connected with your SMS texting service immediately. Traditionally, you would create a text keyword that you broadcast through any marketing tactic where subscribers can text that keyword to a phone number in order to opt-in to messages. However, you can actually make this process simple by completing a simple software integration. 

For example, on your booking platform, you can ask for permission to send texts and important check-in information where guests pre-give their permission to get messages sent to their phone number. This can make the process so much easier for you. Or, at the end of the booking confirmation, you can have a separate pop-up that advertises ways you can opt-in. By streamlining SMS subscriptions in one process, you can save so much time while ensuring conversation rates. 

How to create a text keyword using Trumpia

Send Confirmation Texts

Once a subscriber opts in, ensure that they have completed the process correctly by sending a confirmation text. Luckily, you can automate these messages or pre-schedule them to send once someone subscribes. You can also take the time to send other automated messages including answers to common questions, hours of operation, and more. Here is a list of other important information that is frequently asked by hotel guests in order to save you time from answering:

  • Check-in information
  • Hotel information
  • List of amenities
  • Room service options
  • Parking information

Use SMS Texting for Room Service

The beauty of SMS texting is the ability to have one-to-one conversations with guests. By utilizing SMS texting, guests can quickly send out requests for food, toiletries, and more in order to quickly communicate what they need. Answering their messages can ensure high customer satisfaction and more. 

Follow Up with Automated  Reminders

Guests who are traveling often forget when they are supposed to check out or get the times wrong because they are so absorbed in their trip. You can also use the opportunity to remind guests when they need to leave in order to avoid fees and avoid disgruntled customers.

Review Requests 

Finally, you can ask guests to complete a review, especially if you know that they had a positive experience. How can you do this? Simply ask them the question: 

“How was your time here at [Insert Hotel Name Here]?”

 If the review is positive, send them a link to a review website, encouraging them to fill it out.

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