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How Effective is Text Messaging For Marketing Agencies?

text messaging for marketing agencies

Text messaging for marketing agencies brings multiple opportunities not only because of the nature of text messaging as a lead generation channel but also because of its originality. Only 25% of businesses around the USA use this effective tool. If you run a marketing agency, you have the chance to incorporate SMS marketing not only to yourself but also to your offering.

You can stand out from the typical marketing agency and differentiate from your competitors while implementing one of the most effective tools in marketing. That effectiveness is provable in the numbers:

  • Text messages have a 98% open rate (which is HUGE compared, for example, with emails’ 22%).
  • 60% of users prefer receiving text messages rather than emails or phone calls.
  • SMS messages have a response rate of 45%
  • 9 out of 10 users actively enroll on SMS loyalty programs 
  • 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes after being received; meaning they have the fastest turnaround in marketing.

SMS marketing also works with practically every business model; whether it’s B2B, B2C, eCommerce, etc. So there are chances to implement it to practically any client in your agency’s roster. In this article, we’ll explore how you as an agency can effectively implement text messaging for your clients and, why not, even for yourself!

Here are some of the pre-built automated text messaging workflows for marketing agencies; available on Trumpia’s Workbench!

Opportunities in Text Messaging for Marketing Agencies (and Their Clients)

Use MMS to Drive Traffic and Grow Sales

MMS is the acronym for Multimedia Messaging Service, and refers to the ability of sending multimedia content on your text messages. Even when they’re enriched by such multimedia, text messages offer an affordable option with low costs. So for example, if you’re working with a client with a reduced media budget, you can propose sending branded MMS messages with a link to a promo code, coupon or any other special offer. 

In these cases, Trumpia’s intelligent texting software will also allow you to track those links’ performance with click-through tracking. Keep in mind that text messages are limited to 160 characters. In that case, our Compliant Link Shortener can save you some valuable characters while keeping the click-through capability. Our links are also designed to be compliant so your messages won’t get flagged as spam.

Reach Big Audiences with Mass Texting

Mass texting refers to the ability of sending thousands of targeted messages to a list of subscribers, all at once. You can offer this service to those clients that need to reach out to massive numbers of people. Here are some examples:

  • Car Dealers: you can send an automated text message reminder promoting new models on sale or available for test drives.
  • Restaurants and bars can send mobile coupons promoting happy hours, or send discounts to attract people during off-peak times.
  • HR and Recruiting agencies: these clients can benefit from mass texting by sending automated mass reminders on job fairs and interviews; which considerably decreases no-shows.
  • Your Real Estate clients can use mass texting to send property listings to different groups of buyers. Mass texting supports MMS messaging, so you can send photos or even videos of your clients’ listings.

Capture Leads from Other Channels with Text Keywords

Your agency can use text keywords on other channels ads; like printed media, emails, or even TV. By displaying those keywords on those campaigns, you can attract the leads from those channels to opt-in your SMS campaign. Then, you can use text messaging to re-engage them with middle-lower sales funnel messaging and lead them to convert.

You can also provide some extra to your clients by using click-through tracking on these campaigns. Once the campaigns are sent, take the data from those tracked links and come up with a report on how many conversions were generated by this strategy; what worked, what didn’t work, and other useful information to refine your upcoming campaigns.

Text Message Drip Campaigns

Offer your clients the possibility to engage their leads and prospects all the way down to the sales funnel with SMS drip campaigns. These are a type of campaign that methodically and regularly sends text messages at a specific interval of time whenever someone takes a certain action.

When you use Trumpia’s texting software, setting a drip campaign is as easy as a 3-step process:

  1. Set the trigger: this can be a text keyword for users to opt-in; filling up an online form, or use lead scoring to re-engage contacts that have previously interacted with your client’s text message campaigns.
  2. Schedule the messages: set them to be sent days, weeks, or months apart.
  3. Add an automated stop: you can set the messages to stop after a subscriber takes a desired action; like replying or clicking a link.

Trumpia’s Texting Software Offers White Label Option

If you’re a marketing agency and want to incorporate SMS marketing to your offering, Trumpia has two options for you. You can use our intelligent texting software to power your clients’ SMS marketing campaigns; just like you would with any other SaaS tool. If you decide to do that and manage your clients’ SMS campaigns, you can obtain onboarding and training from our experts to get useful tips and clarify any queries you may have.

On the other hand, you can join our White Label SMS Reseller Program to offer our software to your clients; create your own marketing and messaging web service and have your clients manage their own campaigns. Customize your own feature sets and pricing, keep 100% of the profits and expand your agency with one of the most powerful texting software in the market.

For more information call or text 1-888-707-3030. Our experts will be glad to help you!