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How Do Companies Send Mass Text Messages? (2023 Update)

how do companies send mass text messages

A mass texting service is a type of software or platform that allows businesses to send promotional text messages to a massive number of subscribers at the same time. With mass texting, you can consistently broadcast a message to customers, employees, or prospects no matter how large those contact lists are. Knowing this basic premise, how do companies send mass text messages?

In this article, we’ll explore the most common types of mass text messages that are sent by businesses, and how certain industries use this invaluable tool. If you find this information useful and would like to try mass texting yourself, start a 14-day free trial with Trumpia and get the multiple benefits of one of the most complete, powerful platforms in the industry.

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Mass Text Messages That Companies Use the Most

Here are the most common mass text messages used by companies all around the US:

Welcome Messages

These are usually the first mass text message subscribers receive once they opt-in your list. In order to do that, they need to text a keyword. That will automatically trigger a welcome message that usually includes details like you or your company’s name; the purpose of the campaign, any relevant message or data rates, and an opt-out option (which is usually another keyword, like ‘STOP’).

Discounts and Offers

After opting in, mass text messages with discounts and offers are hands down the most common (and effective) ways for businesses to engage their audiences. They work as an incentive for people to sign up for your SMS marketing campaign and at the same time, it leads them to convert. You kill two birds with one stone!

Appointment Reminders 

Text appointment reminders can be easily scheduled to be sent at a specific time to remind a subscriber about a certain appointment or event. This is one of the best examples on how efficient mass texting is compared to other communication channels. Phone calls, for example, are much more time consuming and easier to miss; and so are emails. Text messaging has a 98% open rate and it’s more unlikely that a recipient would miss them.

Order Updates

This is a type of mass text campaign that is especially used by eCommerce businesses. Customers opt-in to receive information about their orders: expected delivery date/time, a link to track their package, and any other relevant information. 

Mass texting also helps eCommerce on one of its most common, dreaded problems: cart abandonment. An automated text message can be set to be sent to remind users to checkout. You can even include codes, offer discounts or any other incentives for people to finish their order.

how do companies send mass text messages

How Do Companies Send Mass Text Messages in Different Industries?

In this section, we’ll explore some specific industries and how they implement mass texting.


Mass texting for retail can be used to contact clients and prospects mostly about customer service issues and to inform them about new products. Retailers can send invitations to in-store or online events to launch products; send limited-time sale promotions or discount codes, distribute informative content like guides, how-to documents or videos, and send reminders for items that are ready for pick-up. Retail businesses also use mass texting frequently to solicit feedback.


These institutions don’t sell any product nor provide any paid service. But they’re a great case study on how mass texting can fulfill the need to reach out to a big number of people affordably and efficiently. Mass texting for churches is extremely effective to keep congregations informed about upcoming events, service times, organize mission trips, inform new members, or even collect charity funds.

Higher Education

Millennial and Centellian generations grew up with high-speed internet and smart devices. All students in the higher education system belong to one or another. And it’s fair to say that text messaging and SMS marketing engage them in a particular way. 

When it comes to mass texting for higher education, the most common and widely used messages are:

  • Updates and reminders on admissions, financial aid or class enrollment deadlines.
  • Invitations to campus events for prospective students.
  • Reminders on important dates and deadlines throughout each semester.
  • Alumnae communications.
  • Counseling and support services.
  • Urgent alerts.

HR / Employee Communications

SMS messaging can also be used for internal communications. Mass texting for employee communications is widely used to share internal information among employees, interns, candidates, and practically anybody within an organization’s team. 

Whether you’re part of a company’s HR department or a third-party provider, mass texting can help in sending announcements, reminders or invitations to internal events; recruitment communications and updates (both to the prospects and the internal teams), and urgent alerts on weather, traffic, outages, or other unforeseen events.
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