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How SMS for Schools Can Benefit Parents, Students, and Staff

sms for schools

SMS for schools is a communication method with multiple benefits for parents, students, teachers, and even staff members. Why is that? Mainly because text messaging has a 98% open rate; which makes them much more difficult to miss than emails or phone calls. But there are many other factors that we will go over in this article. Each group (parents, students, and staff) can benefit from SMS messages in very particular ways. 

However, all these particularities share one need in common: to be powered by a robust texting software. Handling those communications manually can be extremely time consuming, tedious, and prompt to human failure. An intelligent software like Trumpia can make things much easier and more effective. 

Its user interface is intuitive and easy to use, and you can go from very basic text messaging (like appointment reminders) to complex tasks like SMS automation without needing any coding skills. Try it out for 14 days and see the results for yourself! And if you have any questions, call or text 1-888-707-3030.

Mass Texting Applied to SMS for Schools

Before going to the specifics, let’s go to a more general idea. When we talk about SMS for schools we’re pretty much talking about mass texting specifically applied to these institutions. Mass texting allows you to send massive numbers of text messages to different subscribers lists. This allows you to pre-set targeted messages for each specific list; disregarding how many contacts it has. 

So, for example, you can have lists for parents, students, and different staff members. One good thing about Trumpia is that it enables you to create more and better filtered distribution lists in an easy, fast way. That way, you can have messages for students in different classes; text messages for different staff members (teachers, maintenance, administration, etc) just to name a few easy examples. 

The Different Uses of Text Messaging for Schools

sms for schools

For Students

SMS Reminders for Deadlines or Submissions

Teachers can text students about a specific homework deadline, a due date of a paper or the day and time for the next quiz. That way, they would be helping them not to forget, get ready, avoid any tension or stress and even get better grades. 

And if they’re using a dedicated texting software like Trumpia, educators can forget about using their personal numbers: they can easily handle everything through the platform.

Counseling and Support

Students usually have a lot of pressure during their learning process. Text messaging can provide counseling and support in a safe, quick way that can also make students feel comfortable. Any question can be answered privately and anonymously fast through two-way texting; a feature that enables one-to-one conversations via SMS.

Distribution of Learning Materials and Resources

You can notify students about new learning materials or resources they can use for specific classes or assignments by sending a text message that includes links to that useful information. 

If you use Trumpia’s Compliant Link Shortener, not only you can do that but also track how many of your students actually clicked on those links, and even trigger reminders for those who didn’t.

sms for schools

For Parents

Parent-Teacher Meeting Scheduling and Confirmation 

Avoid no-shows by using text messaging to schedule meetings with parents. You can set up an automated sequence in which, after the parent’s confirmation, a text appointment reminder is sent to him or her. You can set that reminder to be sent, for example, 24 hours before the meeting and even allow rescheduling by sending a short link to your calendar.

Problematic Attendance Notice

Text messaging is an amazing tool to notify parents about urgent issues that happen suddenly and unexpectedly; like an absent student. In this unwanted but very common situation, an educator can notify a parent about his or her son or daughter being absent and  and effectively enforce attendance policies in a private, safe way. 

School Closure and Emergency/Weather Notifications

Text messaging is an invaluable tool when it comes to emergencies like bad weather, contagion outbreak or any other unexpected, last-minute emergency that can make it necessary for students to stay at home.

Parents will definitely appreciate receiving confirmation as soon as possible. And considering that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes after receipt, you can definitely reduce the chances of them missing such important, valuable messages.

For School’s Staff

Consistent Staff Communication

You can keep all the members of your staff in the loop about any upcoming event, activity or new policy via text messaging. That can boost overall morale, generate an atmosphere of professional satisfaction in them; and even fill up any absence if, for example, one of them can’t participate in any specific task or activity.

Prevention During Dangerous Situations

As sad as it is to admit it, shooters and other unwelcome intruders are a reality in contemporary America; especially in educational institutions. In these situations, time is of the essence. A text messaging alert system can make it simple and easier to send alerts in seconds. It can also help connect the Principal’s office, classrooms, security staff, and administrators as soon as these unexpected events occur. 

Collect Payments from Parents

Your school’s Administration can use text messaging to collect payments for school trips, lunch fees, and any other extras that require parents to pay for. You can set up an automated text message workflow in which you first send a text message notification about the event; including a payment link. Then, you can have a reminder set for those who didn’t click on that link.

A Dedicated Software for SMS for Schools 

As we mentioned before, you can effectively handle SMS for schools by using a dedicated texting software. Trumpia is easy to use, intuitive, and requires no coding knowledge. You and your staff can easily start using it after signing up. If any questions or doubts arise, we have onboarding and training available for you.