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Big Companies that Use SMS Marketing

companies that use SMS marketing

There are many big companies that use SMS marketing as part of their overall strategy. In this article, we’ll go over how many of these mega brands use texting; the way they use it, and show you that your company can also use this powerful technology. If these companies successfully use SMS messaging, so can you!

At Trumpia, we’ve worked with many different renowned brands like Jamba Juice, Chick-Fil-A, and Hancook just to name a few. Nationwide-known brands that are part of millions of people’s everyday lives have chosen our texting software for their campaigns with great success. Read more about how these and many other companies have used Trumpia by visiting our customers case studies page.  

8 Huge Companies That use SMS Marketing


The eCommerce giant is a great example of a company that needs an SMS API. Amazon ships approximately 1.6 million packages per day. How can you text reminders, shipping updates , abandoned cart messages, or delivery notifications to that humongous number of customers? Only with an SMS API. Read more about what is an SMS API and how it works in this article:

What is an SMS API? (and What Do You Need it For)


Text marketing for restaurants is extremely popular; even for massive chains like McDonalds. The big M uses text messaging mostly to share coupons and offers, new product launches, mobile ordering and delivery, and loyalty programs. They’ve also combined texting with social media in their MyMcDonald’s Rewards campaign.

In this campaign, McDonalds shared an SMS shortcode on all their social media platforms using catchy phrases that caught users’ attention and sparked their curiosity. Through that campaign, they could join a loyalty rewards program. We’ve analyzed that campaign and how it works in the following article:

How Text Marketing for Restaurants Worked on McDonald’s Last Campaign

text marketing for restaurants


Among other reasons, Starbucks became one of the most successful coffee companies in history because of their unique level of personalization. That extended to their SMS marketing strategy. Their first effort was a trivia text message campaign in 2013. Ever since, Starbucks has continued using texting to grow their audience and increase their sales; counting more than 2 billion SMS messages sent!

Starbucks also uses texting through their mobile app to provide different benefits to those who join their loyalty program. They can make orders and pay ahead, get SMS notifications on special promotions, earn points for free food and drinks, and even receive free birthday treats. 

The coffee company also implements MMS messaging to enable clients to text photos of themselves drinking Starbucks to participate in SMS trivia contests. 


The Swedish furniture retailer pioneered the use of text messaging for marketing purposes by starting their first SMS marketing campaign in 2009. In that campaign, they wanted to increase customers and drive them to visit their stores. Ever since then, IKEA has used texting to promote new products. These messages often include a link to a webpage with additional information.

IKEA also pioneered in the use of text message surveys. They realized that sending surveys through text messaging provided a response rate of 10% to 15%; much higher than email, which was between 7% and 9%.


Also in 2009, HBO pioneered the massive use of SMS marketing to promote the Mayweather-Marquez fight among their mobile VIP club members. They shared the short code ‘PELEA’ among their subscribers so they could enter a contest to win an autographed boxing glove and also, join HBO’s VIP club. 

With this campaign, HBO received a 70% increase in their new VIP club members.


Airbnb uses text messaging in a very particular way. They use SMS messages to fix any communication gap between the host and the guest. Airbnb uses automated text messages to send booking details to guests. These guests can have a text back-and-forth with Airbnb through two way texting; which has a double benefit. 

On one hand, guests can clarify any doubts and issues, which leads to a higher number of successful reservations. And at the same time, hosts avoid any unnecessary communications with their guests by having that automatically handed by Airbnb.


This massive communication network uses text messaging to send their subscribers alerts on major news. People in general can text “ALERTS” to a designated shortcode in order to subscribe and receive these SMS message alerts. They can get breaking news and information on other global happenings directly on their phones, right away.


This is one of the companies that use SMS marketing the most. Not only to send alerts on delivery status but also on customized campaigns that turn out to be very successful. They send promotional SMS messages on Fridays and Saturdays; when customers are free and more willing to buy pizza and chill at home.

Another good example of how Domino’s intelligently fit SMS messages into their strategy is their “Piece of the Pie” rewards program. Through it, clients can earn a free pizza after six orders. They also receive member-only promos and offers; which can be sent via text, email, or both. 

Domino’s notifies subscribers up front that they’ll receive up to six SMS or MMS messages per month. That allows them to know when and how many messages they’ll receive, which improves opt-out rates.

Trumpia Makes SMS Marketing Better for You

SMS marketing is one of the cheapest, fastest, most convenient, and efficient ways to promote your business. We just limited the list of mega companies that use SMS marketing to eight, but there are many more. This marketing tool is widely used by Walmart, Coca Cola, Uber, Nike, Apple, and a long etcetera. And so you can.

Trumpia offers the most intuitive, easy to use platform in the market. Our automation allows you to cover from simple SMS reminders to complex automated text message workflows. We feature Workbench; an automated text message workflow builder that allows you to customize your text messaging and email campaigns through a drag-and-drop functionality.

If you want to try SMS marketing for the first time, or want to switch to a platform that takes you to the next level, call or text 1-888-707-3030. Our experts will be ready to answer any questions you may have.