What is an SMS API? (and What Do You Need it For)

sms api

An API (acronym for Application Programming Interface) is a mechanism that allows two computer programs to communicate in order to make the functions of one of them available in the other. APIs are invisible to users and work in the background of software applications. 

A common example of how an API works is when you pay with Paypal. Users connect their financial information with Paypal in order to make secure transactions. When websites like eBay or Airbnb embed Paypal in order to collect money from your account, they’re using an API.

Now, how does this logic apply to an SMS API? This is a type of API that allows your business to integrate SMS messaging to your website or software, enabling it to send and receive text messages. They’re especially useful for companies that need streamlined, consistent text communication with their customers.

sms api

How Does an SMS API Work?

The first thing you need to do is to connect your SMS API to your current CMS or CRM system. Then, you can start sending text messages directly to any carrier. You can automate text messages to be sent depending on different indicators. Examples:

  • Trigger an automatic response when a customer makes a purchase through your platform.
  • Send a text message reminder to abandoned checkouts.

Because of SMS APIs, companies that need to send massive numbers of text messages avoid the need of using an additional software or platform. 

Another advantage is that, unlike some texting software or other web-based applications, SMS APIs don’t require end users to have an internet connection: as long as they have cell phone access, they will receive your text messages.

Keep in mind that users need to opt-in in order to receive your messages. Make sure you understand how SMS regulations work in order to avoid being penalized.

Practical Examples

Here are some real-life examples of companies that benefited from Trumpia’s SMS API. 

Hankook Tires

They integrated our SMS API into their alert system to coordinate deliveries and shipments. They send alerts to truckers when shipments are available to be picked up. The same applies to customers when their orders are ready and on the way. Read the full case study here.


The Ohio Public Library Information Network started sending reminders on due dates for checked out material once they combined their library system’s built-in email functionality with our Email-to-SMS API. Read the full case study here.

Teen Project

This is an organization that aims to help homeless teens. They integrated SMS into their system to send homeless youths the address of a shelter within a 30-mile radius of their location. They could receive that information by texting the text keyword SHELTER and their ZIP Code to 99000. Read the full case study here.

Why Do You Need an SMS API?

SMS APIs are especially necessary for businesses or organizations that need to be constantly sending text messages; sometimes 24/7. If you need to use SMS just for marketing reasons, a third-party texting software would be much more useful to you. But if you need to send a massive number of reminders via text messages at any time of the day, an SMS API would be much more helpful.

SMS APIs are highly efficient and allow companies to relocate employees for essential tasks while removing human error from text campaigns. They also enable tracking SMS messages and their status, so you can tell whether they’re performing successfully or not. APIs also enable delivering massive numbers of texts much faster, as they use SMS gateway to access fast and protected delivery routes.

The Trumpia Advantage

Trumpia’s SMS API allows you to do all that we mentioned in this article and much more. Every channel offers toll-free numbers, short codes, landline texting enabled, MMS, email and voice broadcast messages, and many more features. It’s hands down the most complete service in the industry at a price you can afford. 

When you hire our SMS API, you also receive:

  • Premium support via phone, email, or ticket.
  • Compliance Consultation: so you can stay out of trouble by complying with CTIA, TCPA, and CAN-SPAM.
  • A system backed by multiple network connections, dual data centers, active servers, and mirrored storage; making it extremely reliable.

Are you ready to start implementing SMS API? Call or text 1-888-707-3030 and start getting the benefits of using Trumpia.