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What’s an SMS Marketing Drip Campaign?

drip sms marketing

An SMS marketing drip campaign is a set of automated communications that respond to specific triggers; like click-throughs, sign ups, or a specific scheduled time. Drip campaigns in SMS marketing are designed to catch the interest of potential clients by setting an ongoing, targeted engagement. 

Drip campaigns automatically and methodically send marketing communications (via text messages, in this case), at a certain time interval, whenever someone takes a certain action within your system. Trumpia’s automated texting software includes this feature and offers a comparative advantage with other platforms by making it as easy as a three-step process:

  1. Set the trigger to start the action: this can be sending a message to a specific text keyword; filling out a website form, or by subscribers’ behavior through our lead score.
  2. Schedule the messages: set the time to send the texts, It can be days, weeks, or months apart.
  3. Set an automated stop: fix a time or action to make your drip campaign stop automatically.

Whether you’re familiar with SMS marketing drip campaigns or this is the first time you try them, try Trumpia for FREE for 14 days and see how easy, fast, and efficient sending automated text messages is. If you have any questions, call or text 1-888-707-3030.

The Benefits of Drip SMS Marketing Campaigns

The main benefit of SMS marketing drip campaigns is that they can help you reach out to your audience at the right moment, when they need you the most. Doing this manually can be extremely difficult because people have way too many different habits and needs. No marketer wants to be disruptive or inconvenient by sending a promotional message. Drip campaigns are great to avoid that.

The good thing about Trumpia is that you can send drip campaigns not only for SMS, but also for email marketing. That way, you get the best of both worlds. It’s every marketer’s choice which channel to use, depending on each campaign’s needs. In many cases, a mixture of SMS and email can cater subscribers’ needs better and give you some good insights on each channels’ performance through features like data capture

Some other emails may prefer using text only; especially if they’ve found out that their email campaigns are not very fruitful. That’s also a common case because the differences between SMS marketing, email marketing, and other channels can sometimes be huge:

The habits and responses of your subscribers in a drip campaign can help you determine that, and thus refine your marketing strategy.

Example of an SMS Drip Campaigns

Limited-time Offers

Let’s say you want to promote a time-limited special or discounts; like a beginning of the month sale. You can add a link to a text message promoting the discount. That link can either show the discounts subscribers can get in their next in-store visit, or even lead to a landing page for people to get the discount by making the purchase online.


Hi [NAME]! This is [COMPANY] and we wanted to share with you some specials we’re running through this month. Get X% off on [PRODUCT/SERVICE] and many other specials by tapping here: [LINK] 

If clients entered the link and converted, you can retarget them by setting new messages for upcoming specials; or you can simply stop the campaigns, as you succeeded in getting a sale. If they didn’t click, you can set weekly or quarterly reminders with even more appealing discounts or specials. You can set the campaign to stop after a certain number of reminders to avoid annoying customers and make them opt-out.

Create Successful Drip SMS Marketing Campaigns with Trumpia

Creating a successful SMS marketing drip campaign shouldn’t be difficult if you use the right platform. Trumpia not only features the most varied range of tools that a texting software can offer but also saves you time and effort at the moment of creating your email or text messages. Our platform integrates a powerful AI text message generator that can give you up to three different versions of the same message.

This is particularly helpful for drip campaigns because you save an enormous amount of time and at the same time, keep consistency with the different messages you send in each drip. The possibilities are endless, and we’re always glad to make things easier, faster, and more efficient for you. Contact us and book your demo today!