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What is a Text Keyword and How To Choose The Right One

Text Keyword

It’s very likely that you already know what a text keyword is, even though you’re not sure what it entitles exactly. How many times have you passed through your local coffee shop and read something like ‘Text COFFEE to 76000 to get a free drink’? And just like that, there are tons of examples out there. But what are text keywords, and how do they work?

An SMS keyword is, basically, a term attached to a textable number that is used for people to communicate with a business or any other type of organization. One of its main purposes is to allow users to opt in to receive certain information, although it can be used in many ways in an SMS marketing strategy. 

Learn how to create a keyword when you use Trumpia’s texting software!

How to Choose a Text Keyword

SMS keywords can be a combination of letters and numbers. How you combine them is essential for a successful use. If you notice that a great number of subscribers were added to your SMS marketing list, then you know for sure the keyword you used for it works. But of course, the idea is to do some previous work before that even happens!

First of all, it’s important to consider what you want to achieve with your keyword. Do you want clients to opt-in to receive updates? Would you like to offer coupon codes for discounts? Once you determine this use, then you should consider this to choose the right keyword:

Keep it Short and Sweet

Simple, easy to remember keywords will definitely perform well. Keep in mind that users might see this keyword in marketing channels they do not always have in-handy (like the coffee shop example in the first paragraph). Simple and short keywords are also easier to remember for your own team, making it easy for them to share with the clients.

One Word, No Special Characters

If possible, try to use just one word for your text keyword. 4 to 7 characters should be enough to make it easy to remember. If you still need to have a keyword that is composed of more than one word, consider merging them into one. Example: ‘LASVEGAS’.

Avoid using a dash, hyphen, dollar sign or any other special character: they make your keywords harder to remember, and you may lose potential subscribers just because they forgot to add them to your keyword. 

Beat Autocorrect

If your keyword is spelled in a way a phone’s autocorrect can detect it as a misspell, it can make it difficult (not to mention frustrating) for subscribers to use it. You can solve this by testing your keyword in phones with different operating systems. If an autocorrector brings a different term than the one you added, you might as well just use it.

If you’re using more than one variation of the same keyword, it’s recommended to use numbers. Although still not-so-easy to remember, they’re much easier to remember than a special character.

What is a Text Keyword? How Does it Work Within Trumpia?

The good thing about our texting software is that it allows you to do much more with your SMS keywords:

  • Get much more information from your subscribers: most of the SMS marketing platforms allow you to get subscribers phone numbers through the keywords. Trumpia also lets you obtain name, region, interests, and many other useful data.
  • Use multiple keywords for different contacts lists to send messages to hundreds of subscribers via mass texting.
  • Use your keywords within automated campaigns so you can bring different responses depending on what keyword did certain users subscribe to, or how they interact through them.

Would you like to know more about how Trumpia can make your business grow? Contact us! Our representatives will be more than happy to lead you to success through our powerful SMS marketing solutions.