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Trumpia’s SMS Marketing Software Advantages in 2024

SMS Marketing Software

When it comes to finding the best SMS marketing software, finding a platform that is both powerful and easy to use is a major challenge. How can you get all the basic features any texting software should have (text keywords, mass texting, surveys, auto-responders, etc.) but also access advanced capabilities like automated text message workflows or integrations with software like Shopify and Salesforce? 

The answers to these and many other questions can be found in this article, in which we’ll mention all the advantages Trumpia has to offer for both customers who are just getting started with text and email marketing as well as advanced users who need more from their SMS marketing software. 

It’s 2024 and you need a one-size-fits-all platform that gives you the widest range of solutions, at an affordable price, that also doesn’t take you or your team months to learn and get set up. 

Trumpia is that platform. And here’s why.

What Makes Our SMS Marketing Software So Different?

Trumpia stands out because it provides sophisticated features like Smart Targeting, an automated workflow builder, and enterprise-grade tools and integrations. These features can impact your operations and help you automate manual chores without having to hire additional staff. You can craft personalized customer journeys, leading to increased revenue and customer satisfaction. Our set of tools can help you streamline relationship management and minimize manual errors, which saves tons of valuable time for you, your team, and even your customers.

Let’s learn how:

Workbench: Automated Text Message Workflow Builder

We created Workbench to be the ultimate automated text message workflow builder. Workbench allows you to create custom text messaging and email campaigns by just dragging and dropping – no coding or additional programming skills needed. With Workbench, you can create robust, complex workflows in minutes and adapt them on the fly as needed. Even better, we have over 50 prebuilt workflow templates for dozens of industries and use cases, so you can just quickly customize them to meet your needs.

As we mentioned before, many text workflow tools are either too basic and simple or too complicated and difficult to use. With Workbench you can adjust workflows dynamically and in real-time, guaranteeing that you reach your goals without needing a programming team or wasting time manually monitoring campaigns.

Smart Targeting

Although people welcome texting, sending irrelevant messages can only lead to opt-outs. With Smart Targeting, you can engage with your subscribers by posing questions, gathering insights, and seamlessly integrating their responses into your database and campaigns. This data is then leveraged to send tailored messages to each list of subscribers depending on their needs and interests. Our software does that automatically, even if subscribers change their preferences multiple times.

Multichannel Messaging

Email Marketing or SMS Marketing? Why not both? Why do software providers only offer one solution? We don’t know. Our SMS marketing software combines the two most popular communication channels: SMS & email. That way, you can engage with a broader audience according to their preferences. This gives your campaign another level of personalization. Plus our multichannel campaigns are coordinated so you don’t spam your customers across different communication channels and all data is updated in real-time across both channels.

SMS API and Access Control

Trumpia also offers enterprise-grade features designed to give you precise control over your messaging operations. Through Data Sets, you can efficiently organize contacts, lists, and functionalities into different groups. You can also assign specific Data Sets to individual users, determining the data they can access (or not) and view when they login to their user interface.

On the other hand, Trumpia’s SMS API gives you access to robust messaging and database management capabilities. You can manage lists, add contacts, update information, and handle unsubscribes without the need to write code. This is like having an integrated CRM database but without incurring any extra costs. Our API also allows two-factor authentication and other tools to ensure your operations run more efficiently.

Lifecycle Engagement

Our platform is engineered to easily involve your subscribers in every interaction they have with your company. This engagement encompasses everything: from the moment they first sign up, through contact collection, lead nurturing, conversion, support, and finally, the feedback loop. Instead of a mere collection of random, disconnected tools, Trumpia’s SMS marketing software works together to boost sales and engagement.

Trumpia’s 7-Step Journeys cover the entire customer lifecycle:

  1. Get contacts to opt in 
  2. Ask questions and capture responses 
  3. Nurture them based on interests
  4. Convert with targeted offers
  5. Automate FAQ’s
  6. Send surveys automatically
  7. Get better reviews, which lead to more sales

All of this is done automatically without the need to monitor day-to-day operations or dedicate staff to checking in with customers while they are on a journey with your company.

Dedicated Support and Account Managers

While some SMS providers offer some support, mostly it is by email ticket, and that’s limited to Monday through Friday. Trumpia is the only SMS marketing service that has 365-day support (with an average response time of 9 minutes). Our customer service team is on standby every day (including holidays) to answer any questions you have or diagnose any issues with your messaging. Plus our dedicated account managers help our customers build winning campaigns and ensure they are getting the best ROI possible.

Trumpia is Ready for You. Are You Ready for Trumpia?

Whether you have zero experience using SMS marketing or are a seasoned pro (or somewhere in-between), Trumpia has a solution for you. Try it for free for 14 days and see for yourself how easy, intuitive, and convenient it is. If you have any specific questions, you can call or text our team at 1-888-707-3030.