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text messaging for human resources

The Benefits of Text Messaging for Human Resources [Infographic]

Communication is an integral part of an HR department’s daily activities. It ensures that employees are up to date on the latest policies, actively enrolled in your benefit programs, and leading a fulfilling work life that makes them want to stay with your company. For that matter, text messaging for human resources...
text messaging for employee communication

How To Use Text Messaging for Employee Communication

It’s no surprise that the COVID pandemic changed the work landscape. And in the last few years, text messaging for employee communication has become an invaluable tool. These internal-use text messages have proven to be very efficient not only among remote workers (and those transitioning to back-to-office or hybrid models),...
text messaging for employee communication

5 Ways Text Automation is Open Enrollment’s Best Benefit

It’s open enrollment season again, which means your HR department is undoubtedly busy! The most important thing for a company to have during an open enrollment period is effective communication, and that’s where texting shines. Traditionally, open enrollment announcements and reminders have been sent through emails, but the staggering thing about emails...
SMS for Employee Communications

5 Rules of Group SMS for Employee Communications

Some may consider the concept of group texts a necessary evil. Which is probably partially true, in that they may not always be necessary and they don’t always take place for nefarious reasons. In the right hands, this form of mass communication can be useful, even productive and efficient, and...
text messaging for employee communication

Text Messaging for HR Communication: The Definitive Guide

Any well-functioning human resource department will tell you that communication is the backbone of their organization. From recruiting and training new employees to managing open enrollment, being able to properly communicate with employees allows your business to run smoothly and efficiently. Text messaging for HR is an emerging trend that...
SMS For Recruiting

7 Ways You Can Use SMS For Recruiting and Training

Successful companies know that finding the right person for the job is a costly investment in time and energy. Getting the best return on this investment is vital, and you want to make sure you hire the right candidates and that they are up to date on training and policy....