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SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing: Why Not Both?

sms marketing vs email marketing

The internet loves dichotomies. ‘X vs. Y’ is one of the most typical search queries in practically every industry. In ours, SMS marketing vs. email marketing is among the top questions. And although we believe it’s valid to differentiate one from another, we also think that in this case it’s much better to do both instead of choosing one side over the other. 

In this article, we’d like to go over those points in which SMS and email marketing complement each other. So maybe after reading it you can find out that you don’t need to choose, and you can have the best from both worlds.

Switching ‘SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing’ for ‘SMS and Email Marketing’

SMS marketing involves sending short marketing text messages to a subscribers list. Same applies to email marketing, although the messages go to their email accounts and are usually longer than text messages. In both cases, marketing messages should be sent to lists of people who somehow subscribed to receive them. Buying lists of emails as well as phone numbers not only can lead to massive opt-outs but even some serious problems.

sms marketing vs email marketing

How Text Messaging and Email Complement Each Other

Let’s go over how each tool covers areas that the other doesn’t, as a way to understand how they can work together.

SMS Marketing – Advantages

No need for Internet Connection

Even though we’re living in a hyper-connected world, connection is not always available; whether it is for coverage problems or limitations that still exist on the internet connection. Unlike email, text messages require only access to a smartphone and a mobile network. 

Short and Concise Messages

There’s a limit of 160 characters for each text message so SMS marketing offers the chance to send concise, straightforward messages. In some contexts or for some specific goals, keeping messages short and to-the-point can make them more likely to open, read, and even convert. 

Higher Open Rate & Faster Delivery

Text messages have a 98% open rate, which makes it practically sure that your audience will see them. And at the same time, they’re delivered immediately: no waiting for you or your clients and prospects.

Higher Acceptance and Response Rates

SMS messages are usually much more welcome than other media. Only 3% of them are considered spam. Text messages also have a higher engagement rate because they appeal to people in a more personal way and the SMS marketing usage is not overblown compared to other lead generation strategies. That also translates into higher response rates.

Email Marketing Advantages

More Versatility in Formats

Emails have no character limit or any similar restrictions. Aside from sending reminders, announcements, and other typical messages (that can also be covered by text messages); email marketing offers multiple formats like Newsletters, Press Releases, long-form educational content, and graphic/audiovisual content (although text can also somehow cover that with MMS Messaging).

Higher Level of Personalization

Emails’ visual capabilities allow you to personalize your marketing messages by adding many more elements of your brand’s identity; like colors, logos, fonts, and so much more. That level of personalization can have a great impact on your audience, engage them better and help increase your conversion rates.

It’s Better to Lead People to Your Website

If your intention is to lead more traffic to your website, emails are one of the most effective ways to do it. Targeted emails can increase the number of visitors to your website; especially to the landing pages that offer your products or services.
Trumpia’s text messages offer a similar capability with our Compliant Link Shortener. Still, keep in mind that due to SMS messages character limitation emails allow you to share many more links.

It’s Widely Used; Especially for B2B

99% of email users open their emails every day; sometimes even 20 times a day. People usually do that with an intention: looking for updates, product information, customer service responses, and more. On the other hand, emails are also the most commonly used form of communications between businesses; especially with those located overseas. 

When Should You Use SMS Marketing vs. Email Marketing

Although the final decision is yours, here’s a list of suggested uses for each lead gen tool:

SMS Marketing:

Email Marketing:

  • Press Releases
  • Newsletters
  • Long-form educational content
  • B2B campaigns
  • Visual content

Get the Best from Both Text and Email with Trumpia

Although SMS marketing has a much higher open rate, that doesn’t mean emails are worthless. In 2020, email marketing generated $7.5 billion worldwide, and the numbers are growing. It’s more a matter of when and how you should use each one of these tools. So in that case, having a platform that can successfully manage both can make a big difference in results, efficiency, and money.
Trumpia’s texting software is an omni-channel platform that supports text messaging, email, voice messaging, and MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) to provide the most complete marketing tool. Start a FREE 14-day trial and try it out with all its Premium features!