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How to Improve Your SMS Marketing Opt In Rates

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One of the main attributes of SMS marketing is that people need to opt-in your lists in order to receive your text messages. This type of marketing is strictly permission-based. And as much as that makes it a powerful tool, it can also be a two-edged sword: no opt-ins, no SMS campaign. In this article, we’ll go over on ways to improve opt-ins so you can reach out to as many people as possible.

But first, let’s review something important: what are SMS marketing opt in and opt-outs? 

Understanding SMS Marketing Opt in and Opt-outs

As much as we can think they’re self-explanatory, it’s good to overview what we define as opt-in and opt-out in SMS marketing. In this industry, ‘to opt’ can mean that people either choose to receive your text messages regularly or want to stop receiving texts they previously opted in.

Definition of Opt-in

Users that opt-in your campaigns are people who voluntarily provide their phone numbers in order to receive offers, promotions, news, and any other information from your company via text message. 

Definition of Opt-out

This is the reverse of opt-ins: people who once voluntarily subscribed to your campaigns, now decide to stop receiving your text messages. In order to do that, people text back the word STOP.

It’s important to understand these definitions because they’re closely attached to strict SMS marketing regulations you need to know. The good news is that when you use Trumpia’s texting software, you’re covered! Because we provide automatic opt-in and opt-out messages for all our plans. 

5 Ways to Improve Opt-In Rates

Create a Text-to-win Campaign

This is one of the most basic (and effective) ways to lead people to opt-in your lists. Text to win are campaigns in which people send a message with a text keyword in order to enter a contest to win a prize. After sending the message to join, they receive an SMS asking for consent to receive messages from future campaigns. After that agreement, they can join the contest. This type of reinforcing messages are also known as double opt-ins.

Use Double Opt-ins

Just like the example shared above, a double opt-in is a confirmation message a company sends to make sure clients are voluntarily entering their lists and more importantly, continue receiving messages from future campaigns. This is not a standard or mandatory practice, but it’s recommended under most circumstances.

Opt-in Web Forms

These are online forms that users can submit to join your text marketing lists. This is, by far, one of the fastest and more legally-compliant ways to increase opt-ins; especially if you use double opt-in. You can use these web forms on your website; being the most common areas to attach these forms:

  • Banner ads.
  • Pop-ups.
  • Dedicated landing pages.
  • Emails.
  • Downloadable content.

Here’s an example on how we implemented an opt-in web form on our home page: 

sms marketing opt in

Email Campaigns

Here’s one of the most common ways email and SMS cooperate best. Once you create your web form, you can share it through your email campaigns. That way, you allow your email subscribers to also opt-in to receive your text messages. 

Since they’re already engaged somehow, it’s a good thing to give them some sort of incentive to also join your text message list. That’s when SMS coupons come in handy; so they can redeem them to receive a discount or any other added value.

Use QR Codes

SMS QR codes are especially good to engage people on the go. They offer an easier, faster way for people who may not have the time to memorize and type a code or text keyword (much less, sit down and fill up an online form). 

QR codes can be added to flyers, posters, or other printed media for people to scan them and join your list instantly. They also have a certain modern edge, as young people use them frequently the most.

The Most Complete Texting Software at Your Service

One of the many benefits of using Trumpia’s texting software is that you get all the tools you need in one place. Text to win, QR codes, SMS coupons; you name it, we have it. With Trumpia, you get sophisticated technology that is actually easy and intuitive to use. 

You don’t need to hire a coder or any other expert; anyone in your team, including yourself, can create successful SMS marketing campaigns in a short time. Are you still unsure? Neither you or anyone in your team has ever done SMS marketing before? We offer direct onboarding and training with our professionals so you can clarify all the questions you may have.

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