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How Text Messaging for Critical Alerts Can Help During Floods

text messaging for critical alerts

Text messaging for critical alerts was conceived as a way to help people during natural disasters. During the last few years, it’s proven to be a very effective way to send specific messages to help people during emergency situations. Rescue missions, police and fire departments and many other associations can send mass text messages to make sure the population of affected areas are as safe as possible.

Considering the different floods that have been happening in California and other regions in the US, we think this is a chance to go over how text messaging can help during these particular crisis situations. 

If you have questions about how text messaging can be used during floods or any other natural disasters, please call or text 1-888-707-3030. Our experts will be ready to assist you. You can also book an appointment in advance and plan ahead on how to use text for future crises.

Specifical uses of Text Messaging for Critical Alerts During Floods

There are many ways in which text messages can help people not only to know what areas are affected by floods but also what to do afterwards. During this type of natural catastrophes, the challenge is not only to prevent people but also provide useful information on what they can do after the damage is done.

In their Public Service Announcements section, the CDC (Center of Disease Control and Prevention) offers some text message templates on what to do in case of damage after a flood:

  • Preventing mold after a disaster
  • What to do with prescription drugs exposed to water
  • Staying safe around buildings damaged by floods
  • Keeping children safe from drowning in flooded areas
  • Driving through water after a disaster

Among many other pieces of advice.

These SMS templates are really short, concise messages that offer quick advice on what to do and a link to more comprehensive information. Here’s an example on mold prevention after a flood:

Never mix bleach and ammonia to clean; the fumes can kill. More info from CDC 800-232-4636 or 

Trumpia’s texting software offers this feature in the form of a Compliant Link Shortener. With this tool, not only can you shorten the links you send (saving characters on your text message) but also use click-through tracking to check how many people clicked the link. 

So for example, based on that information you tracked you can automatically trigger drip campaigns with additional information for those who clicked, or reminders for those who didn’t.

text messaging for critical alerts

How to Send a Text Message for Critical Alerts

  1. Choose the Right Texting Software

Sign up for Trumpia’s free trial for 14 days. Our intelligent SMS marketing software offers many capabilities that are especially useful during floods and other critical alerts:

We’re very positive that you’ll find these and many other features extremely helpful. In that case, you can explore our text message software pricing plans and continue using our platform after the 14-days trial. Keep in mind that all out plans include onboarding and training one-on-one with our experts. They can assist you with everything you need to know to use our software.

  1. Choose a Text Keyword and Allow People to Opt-in

Before and during catastrophes, people need to have an easy way to opt-in text alerts. SMS regulations determine that you can send SMS messages only to people who opted-in your lists. Text keywords provide short, easy to remember words or phrases that can be texted to a dedicated phone number in order to receive information.

Trumpia’s software not only offers an unlimited number of text keywords for you to use but also free opt-in and opt-out messages to better handle collecting subscribers’ phone numbers.

Alternative: SMS Short Codes

Alternatively, you can also use SMS short codes. These are 5-6 digits long numbers that are short, easy to remember, and also allow people to opt in your lists. Most companies usually lease the codes without including the services needed to provision their use on wireless carrier networks. 

Trumpia offers dedicated short codes as add-ons to your subscription plan. That way you don’t need to go through the process of keeping SMS codes active on those networks.

  1. Build and Import Your Lists of Contacts

Whether you have an existing subscribers list or a new one that you created following the previous point, now it’s time to add it to our system. In any case, make sure you have proof of consent for every person you have to send messages to. If you don’t know how to do that, we can assist you with our compliance consulting service.

Once you’re ready to import your contacts, watch this tutorial video that covers each step of the process, plus some useful tips:

You can also find and review all the contacts you uploaded. Watch this tutorial video to learn how:

  1. Compose and Send your Message

Once the lists are added to the texting software, you can start sending messages to everyone subscribed. If you’re using Trumpia, you can schedule them to be sent one-time at the moment or later, or set recurring messages. You can also choose whether you send them via text message, email, or both.

Learn more about how to compose, schedule, and send mass text messages here:

Ready to Use Trumpia?

If you’re a Safety & Facility Manager, work for a local Municipality, Government entity or any similar place dedicated to catastrophes prevention, text messaging can become an invaluable tool for you. As you could read in this article, you can find many opportunities to make a difference in case of floods and similar dangers. 

Trumpia can help you do that. Not only because of the texting software we provide but also because one of the main principles this company was built was to provide value and be useful to people. We’re not another cold software provider that cares only for how expensive your subscription is. We care about you and your work, and want to partner up with you so you can get the results you’re looking for and more.

If you’re ready to start using our intelligent texting software, call or text 1-888-707-3030. You’ll get to talk with one of our experts and clarify any concerns you may have.