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How (and When) to Send a Follow Up Text Message for Sales

follow up text message for sales

There are two main benefits in sending a follow up text message for sales. The first one is, of course, convenience. People will definitely appreciate receiving a reminder and additional useful information on their purchase. The other benefit is that these follow up messages give customers the feeling that you’re listening to them. That their experiences and insights are valuable to your brand.

Some of the other benefits of follow up text messages for sales are:

  • Remind clients on sales specials and time-limited promos.
  • Give customers the opportunity to buy again with incentives like coupons or promo codes.
  • Notify them about new, related products. 
  • Send Empty-cart notifications.
  • Keep clients engaged with your business.

At Trumpia, we offer a platform that is excellent for text messaging for sales because you can nurture every level in the sales funnel with intuitive, easy to use automation. The capabilities of our automated workflow builder Workbench allow you to perform lead generation and qualification; sales funnel automation, and automated upselling. All without coding knowledge!

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follow up text message for sales

How to Send a Follow Up Text Message for Sales

If you use our texting software, coming up with the perfect follow up text message for sales is easier than ever. Trumpia includes an AI text message generator that can provide you up to three different options on follow up messages. 

You can simply set the tone, length, and topic that you need for your text message; get the samples, modify them if needed, and click send. You can also add images, links, videos, and other useful formatting.

This covers the basics: the follow up messages format, tone, and content in general. The next step is to send the right messages to the right people. In order to do that, this is what you need to do:

Create Separate Distribution Lists 

Sort contacts into separate distribution groups to send different types of reminders that suit your clients best. You can do this with Trumpia’s Smart Targeting feature. Most of the texting platforms out there can only send indiscriminate, repetitive messages that you have to manually set or modify. Trumpia does that for you, and much more.

Smart targeting automatically filters subscribers and creates lists based on combinations of data that’s collected in previous text message campaigns; like region, behaviors, interests, among others. You can also keep these distribution lists organized in real time with our Dynamic Targets feature. 

Dynamic targets also automatically update them when new subscribers opt-in; when contacts unsubscribe, or the profiles are updated. See how Dynamic targets work in this video:

When to Send Your Follow Up Texts

We’ve covered when is the best time to send SMS marketing in the past. As for sales in particular, one of the things you can do is to segment your distribution lists into time zones. So for example, let’s say you want to send a text message campaign about a weekend promo. You can send the same message, on the same day to clients in the East Coast and the West Coast but targeting their specific morning time. 

Special Case: Abandoned Carts Follow Ups

There’s a type of follow up text message for sales that doesn’t follow any specific time and needs to be sent 24/7. We’re talking about eCommerce abandoned carts. Keep in mind that for these follow up messages, you’re allowed to send one follow-up message within the 48 hours of abandonment.

In these follow ups, it’s also important that you notify who you are. Otherwise, you risk clients on believing the reminder you’re sending is spam or phishing. Even though abandoned carts follow-up texts have the time rule explained before, they need to be sent randomly, at multiple different times and massively. An SMS API or a direct integration (Trumpia has both!) is necessary for these efforts. 

Team Up with the Ultimate Texting Software

Trumpia can cover all your needs when it comes to text messaging for sales. Everything you’ve read in this article and much more is achievable through our platform. You can read about all the companies that have successfully used our texting software in our case studies page. If you want to start implementing Trumpia in your strategy, call or text 1-888-707-3030.