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6 SMS Marketing Myths Debunked

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The world of marketing is fast-paced and requires businesses to effectively plan campaigns. A key tool includes SMS, as it is effective and efficient when it comes to communicating with consumers. In fact, many businesses often rely on SMS marketing to boost brand awareness, improve their contact list, and add value to customers. It is a relatively inexpensive way to get high engagement rates, making it an effective business investment. Below, you will find our top 6 SMS marketing myths debunked.  

6 SMS Marketing Myths Debunked

There are several myths about SMS marketing that many people buy into. SMS offers several benefits to businesses of all sizes, so it’s important to understand what is true and what isn’t. Consider the following debunked SMS Marketing myths.

1. Myth–SMS Messages Are Easily Ignored: 

One of the common misconceptions about SMS messages is that they often go unopened. This is completely untrue, as SMS messages are one of the most effective ways to increase user engagement. In fact, SMS messages have exponentially high open rates as most users open them within just a few minutes of receiving them. This can be even more effective if you add value, create a clear call to action, and have a message that is both short and direct.

2. Myth–SMS Marketing Is Expensive: 

Many businesses falsely assume that SMS messaging is too high for their budget. However, this is a common misconception, as SMS messaging is a cost-effective marketing tool. It offers an excellent return on investment and can yield amazing results. Working with a text message marking service provider can make the entire process smooth. It can also reduce the amount of time and manpower you would otherwise use without it.

3. Myth–SMS Marketing Is A Big Business Marketing Tool: 

While big businesses definitely benefit from SMS marketing, it does not mean that it is only for them. In fact, small businesses can benefit greatly from SMS messaging campaigns. It can organically grow your contact list, improve your brand awareness, and drive customers to your website or social media. For an even more effective campaign, small businesses should use a two-way texting service to reach their clients.

4. Myth–SMS Marketing Requires Technical Expertise: 

Businesses that assume that SMS marketing requires a lot of specialized technical expertise are missing out. In fact, running an SMS campaign or using it for marketing purposes is not only user-friendly, but fairly easy. This is especially true if you use a text messaging marketing services provider, as it can streamline the entire process. The investment can save you a lot of time, money, and manpower.

5. Myth–Text Marketing Is Limited To SMS Messaging: 

SMS messaging is a common type of message sent. It is characterized by a 140-character limit that only includes text. However, there are also MMS options that can elevate your marketing campaign. In fact, MMS messages allow you to create messages that include images, GIFs, audio, and even video. This is a great way to connect with users and build brand awareness. No matter what your messaging needs are, there are options available to meet your unique business needs.

6. Myth–SMS Messaging Is Hard To Measure: 

Quantifiable data about users is key for any business. A common misconception about SMS messaging is that it is hard to measure and pull data from. However, this could not be further from the truth. SMS marketing platforms offer top-notch analytics that allow you to effectively track and measure the success of your campaign. This is invaluable as it can effectively inform future campaigns. The data can offer so many benefits to your business as data is a critical component when it comes to business success.