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10 Ways to Use a Mass Texting Service for Churches

mass texting service for churches

Using text messages to communicate with your congregation is extremely cost-efficient. Mass texting services for churches cost only a few cents per message and yield much higher engagement rates compared to other marketing channels like email.  While email can be effective, only about 21% of marketing emails are actually opened. Texting, on the other hand, has had a 98% open rate, and it keeps on growing as a communication platform.

Choosing the right church texting software is crucial to get the best out of your text messaging efforts. Not all platforms offer the same level of reliability, responsiveness, and user-friendliness, along with a comprehensive set of features and great customer service. Opting for poorly managed texting solutions can lead to miscommunication and can cause confusion within religious organizations. This confusion might result in attendees showing up to canceled events, gathering at incorrect locations, or even mistakenly donating to outdated drop-off points.

Trumpia has been a pioneer in church text messaging. Our success stems not only from providing the most complete texting solutions when it comes to features and text message automation but also from our ability to assist religious groups in quickly adapting to technological and communication shifts. In this article, you’ll find 10 useful ideas on how to use a mass texting service like ours to benefit your church and its congregation.

How to Use a Mass Texting Service for Churches

Text Bible Passages or Quotes

Encouraging your members to engage in daily devotionals, Bible (and other holy book) reading, and prayer is important. Your church can encourage this practice by sending text messages with scripture quotes regularly. You can choose specific verses to send as SMS or image-based Multimedia Message Service (MMS) texts. 

Additionally, you can direct your contacts to third-party programs, such as a “read the Bible in a year” plan, by including a link. To streamline the process, you can use the recurring feature in your mass text message service platform to schedule verses to be sent out in the coming year.

Share Prayer Requests

Sending and receiving prayer requests via text message is an effective way to stay updated on the changing needs of your congregation in real time. For larger congregations, segmenting contacts into smaller groups based on age range, study groups, or activities can help ensure that messages reach relevant members.

Send Support & Comfort Messages

During emergencies within your community, mass text messages provide a fast and efficient way to communicate needs and coordinate assistance among church members. With a bulk text message service, you can quickly connect with individuals during critical times such as home or transportation loss, bereavement, financial crises, and more.

Conduct Congregant Surveys

Text message polling has proven to be an engaging method for churches to gauge the interests and preferences of their members. Through text-to-vote polls, church leaders can gather insights on topics like preferred study subjects, event types, desired speakers, and more.

Notify Events & Announcements

Mass text messaging services streamline event notifications, allowing more time to focus on worship services. Text reminders increase event attendance by refreshing congregants’ memories about event details, including date, time, location, and necessary items to bring.

Alert Canceled Services

Relying solely on Facebook or emails for service cancellations may lead to missed notifications and frustrated congregants. Text messages ensure immediate alerts to recipients, directly on their phones, minimizing attendance issues caused by missed announcements.

Communicate Venue Changes

Last-minute adjustments are common in church activities. Text message alerts ensure attendees are promptly informed of venue changes, preventing confusion and ensuring everyone arrives at the correct location.

Promote Online Giving

Encouraging regular online giving through your chosen platform is convenient for both church administrators and members. Text messages can include links to set up automatic payments from mobile devices, making the giving process seamless and freeing up time during services.

Notify Child Care Alerts

Replacing traditional paging devices, mass texting service for churches offer a more accessible and cost-effective solution for alerting parents during services and events. With mobile phones parents are reachable at all times, eliminating the need for specialized equipment and training.

Remind Sermon Main Points

Sending midweek text reminders of sermon highlights helps reinforce key messages beyond the weekend services. Highlighting single points or ideas from the sermon encourages retention and may include options for sharing on social media platforms.

The Trumpia Advantage as a Mass Texting Service for Churches

Churches operate uniquely compared to other organizations, dealing with sensitive topics and fervent individuals while adhering to nonprofit legal standards. It’s important that your church texting software works with you to help increase your outreach efforts. Trumpia knows that, and we offer a platform that is not only technically complete but also TCPA and CTIA complying. That gives you peace of mind that any mass texting effort will comply with current SMS regulations.

If you’re interested in trying mass text messaging for your church, or if you already use it and want to take your efforts to the next level, try Trumpia for 14 days for free. For more information, call or text 1-888-707-3030.