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Text Blast Vs. Mass Texting: What’s the Difference?

text blast

Text blasting is a type of mass texting. The main difference is that text blasts imply impersonal messages that are usually sent to all of your contacts lists. With mass texting, on the other hand, you send one single message to specific lists. Mass texting messages are more personalized and targeted, and are usually sent to segmented lists of customers.

Another thing about text blasts is that they’re especially good way to reach a massive number of people with important information that needs to be communicated immediately. Mass texting doesn’t necessarily share that urgency. 

Text blasts can also be personalized in certain circumstances; like a follow up after an event. The only difference with mass texting is that those personalized messages would aim at a group of people instead of individuals. In those cases text blasts are more oriented to build relationships within a community (campus, congregation, sports teams, etc.) rather than have a promotional purpose.

Now that you know the main differences between text blast and mass texting, the next step would be to have the right texting software to do the job. Trumpia stands out from other similar platforms because our mass text messaging and text blasts are highly targeted and specific. That way, you can minimize opt-outs when sending massive numbers of messages.

Is Text Blasting Legal?

Text blasting for SMS marketing in general is legal as long as you follow strict SMS regulations. One of those regulations is the CAN-SPAM Act, which is the primary text spam law in the USA. This act was primarily created to stop unwanted robocalls and text messages (or robotexts). For that reason, SMS messages must be easily identifiable as advertisements and they need to be sent to readers who voluntarily opted-in to receive them.

When you use Trumpia’s texting software, you can rest assured that you’re backed by a company that has a zero tolerance policy against spam. We encourage you to read our anti-spam policy, where you can learn about spam in text messaging; take a spam text, and make sure you’re not unintentionally violating SMS regulations.

What Industries Use Text Blast The Most?

Even though text blasting can help almost any industry, there are some areas that particularly benefit from this practice. Here are some of the most common ones, with examples:


Brands using text marketing for retail usually use text blasts to send coupons, ask for feedback, or promote new products. Using a more conversational tone in the messages can help them decrease opt-outs.

Restaurants and Bars

Text marketing for restaurants is a good example on how text blasts work for specific groups of people and how it helps in building a sense of community. That’s why it’s usually applied to send time-sensitive offers, new menu items, and similar messaging that targets the specific interests of a determined group.


The main goal of any B2B business is to evolve into person-to-person communications. For this reason, sending highly personalized messages to clients and prospects can make them stay in touch and keep them engaged.

Can I Do Text Blasts Manually?

You might do text blast manually, but it’d be extremely time consuming, tedious, and prompt to human error. Using a dedicated texting software can cover text blast and any other SMS marketing need that evolves from it. 
Trumpia is your best, safest choice because we feature the widest range of tools in the industry, provide onboarding and training, and a 14-Day Free Trial so you can test it compromise-free. No credit card required!