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SMS Marketing

What is an SMS Short Code and Why Do You Need One?

One SMS marketing tool that has significant importance but is often disregarded is the SMS short code. What is an SMS short code? and why should you consider using one? Let's go deeper into this topic to understand its importance in text marketing, and why would your business benefit from...
sms short code
SMS Marketing

SMS Short Code: Definition and How it Helps Your Strategy

An SMS short code is a combination of numbers (usually 5 to 6 - shorter than a regular phone number) that are especially used for SMS marketing campaigns. These codes are usually embedded into promotional material like TV ads, printed media, social media posts, billboards, and practically anywhere depending on...
Landline text messaging
SMS Marketing

How Can a Landline Send Text Messages?

How can a Landline send text messages? Landline text messaging is a feature that allows you and your company to text using your 10 digit landline number. This is highly useful because many SMS Texting services require you to have multiple types of phone numbers in order to handle all...
sms short codes
SMS Marketing

Why SMS Short Codes Matter

When you are using technology as advanced as Trumpia, we completely understand why it is easy to get confused trying to learn about all of our features. One feature that you need to understand is our SMS Short Code feature, which is the dedicated phone number we give to each...