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6 SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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SMS marketing campaigns are a highly effective way to communicate with current and potential customers. It is a powerful engagement tool that is both direct and immediate. Due to how common mobile device usage is, text messages are one of the fastest and easiest ways to get in touch with consumers. However, there are important factors to consider when launching an SMS marketing campaign. The timing, content, and call to action require careful curation to get recipients to act. Below, you will find the top 6 SMS marketing mistakes to avoid so your campaign launches without a hitch.

6 SMS Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

An SMS marketing campaign is a great way to send recipients information and offers that motivate them to act promptly. This can provide you with valuable user data to inform future campaigns. Consider the following mistakes to avoid during your SMS marketing campaign.

Sending Unsolicited Messages: 

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is sending unsolicited messages. Avoid sending messages without explicit consent from the recipient. Avoiding this can result in serious issues as there are local and national regulations surrounding solicitation, specifically via SMS marketing campaigns. Use an opt-in feature to ensure you have the necessary consent. Additionally, provide a clear opt-out feature for those who no longer want the messages.

Texting Invalid Numbers: 

It is a major mistake to text invalid numbers during an SMS marketing campaign. It is a waste of vital resources as it can cost you both time and money if you have too many invalid numbers. The best way to combat this issue is to grow your recipient base organically. Many businesses circumvent this by purchasing or borrowing lists of potential recipients. However, this is a mistake in the long run as it is much more effective to organically grow your contact list.

Poor Timing: 

Timing is everything when it comes to an SMS marketing campaign. A major mistake businesses make is being careless about the timing of their messaging. It’s important to respect the recipient’s time. Avoid sending messages too early or too late, and be sure to note each recipient’s time zone. This can be time-consuming and tedious, so it’s beneficial to use SMS marketing software. This can automate the process so you don’t have to go through each recipient individually. The investment can save you a lot of time and money. 

Too Many Messages: 

While you want your recipients to clearly get the message, avoid sending too many messages. This is a common mistake businesses make, which can result in serious consequences. Too many messages can make people want to opt out fast, so use discretion when sending your messages. Use automated texting software and make them short, clear, and include an immediate action item. This can improve your response rate and keep your recipients happy.

Sending Spam-Like Messages: 

Another common mistake businesses make during SMS marketing campaigns is sending the same message over and over again. This commonly occurs when businesses launch both an SMS and email campaign. Many times, the same information is used without any customization or personalization. Getting the same message in two different formats can be annoying and feel like spam. Avoid doing this by carefully curating your campaign message.

No Call To Action: 

Another mistake that can cost you vital resources is missing a clear call to action. SMS marketing campaigns require urgency and immediacy. Whether it is entering a contest, subscribing to your mailing list, or even purchasing products during a sale, you need to motivate the recipient to do something. The call to action also needs to be time-sensitive so recipients act promptly. This can improve your campaign’s success and provide you with valuable user data.