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4 Reasons to Use Text Messaging for Recruiting

text messaging for recruiting

While text messaging for recruiting may be a daunting task to take on, our Texting Software simplifies the recruiting process, making your life easier while maximizing the results. Here are four reasons why you should use our Texting Software for Recruiting today:

  • Effortless contact collection: When you have new leads, you want to make sure that you can form relationships as quickly as possible. Our special data collection feature for recruiting provides easy ways for new prospective employees to sign up for messages. This includes Online Sign Up Pages and QR codes where all people have to do is complete a small number of actions. 
  • Ability to Automate Messages: This is one of the best advantages of using Text Messaging for Recruiting. You can automate your campaign by creating auto responses that help welcome and direct new and prospective employees. This is helpful when you need certain actions to be completed by them, or if you want to handle onboarding tasks. 
  • Organized and Intuitive UI: When you are using a texting software for recruiting, you can be rest assured that all of your messages and campaigns are organized in one dedicated inbox. You can see all of your outbound and inbound messages from that centralized inbox! Furthermore, when using Trumpia, you can organize all of your contacts into Distribution Lists, giving you the ability to send relevant messages to only those who need to be involved. 
  • Access to Two Way Conversations: Not only can our texting software send messages to contacts, but you can also receive messages from them. Our Two Way Conversation feature is an amazing way to answer any questions about the recruiting process before any in person meeting, saving you and your employees valuable time. 

Trumpia’s Offering in Text Messaging for Recruiting

If you are an HR Department that is looking to boost your recruiting efforts in this upcoming year, you should consider using Text Messaging for all of your Recruiting needs. Every company needs to take their recruiting measures seriously in order to make sure that their company has a constant cycle of prospective employees. Trumpia provides an amazing Texting Software that can help your company with employee recruitment.

All in all, you are missing out if you are not using Text Messaging for Recruiting. We are not just another communication platform – we work to make your department’s communication needs simpler and easier. However, we do recommend using an Omni Channel communication strategy, ensuring that your contacts are receiving your messages. For more information about how Trumpia’s SMS software can be used for all your business needs, contact us today.