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How to Reduce No-Shows with Text Appointment Reminders

In the healthcare industry, one of the biggest challenges faced by practitioners is the high rate of patient no-shows for appointments. No-shows can lead to disruptions in schedules, wasted resources, and, most importantly, hinder the overall quality of patient care. However, with the advent of technology, healthcare providers have found...
text message appointment reminders
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Are Text Message Appointment Reminders HIPAA Compliant?

If you’re the owner or work at a medical office, text message appointment reminders are probably an invaluable tool for your practice. If you’re wondering if these text reminders comply with the Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), the answer is yes. However, there are certain steps you need to take...
Text Appointment Reminder
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How to Send a Text Appointment Reminder to Your Patients

Customers and clients not showing up to your appointment can be one of the most frustrating things that happens to your business, especially for medical offices who are looking to help as many people as they can. Because at the end of the day, poor scheduling can lead to scheduling...